How To Make Masala Tea

10 Apr

How To Make Masala Tea

Namaste children, welcome to yet another useless filler like blog post brought to you by The Missus Blogs where you’ll learn how to make Yindian Style Chai.

Otherwise better known as Masala Tea or Chai Masala. Also known as Spiced Tea (colors of the worlddd, spiceee up your life!).

Different Indian states have different ways of making it as well so yes, this tea-making issue thing IS complicated yet remains a darling favorite no matter how it’s done I suppose.

The weather has been cooling down significantly which makes me crave for Masala Chai every now and then. I admit, living here has made me abandon my love for teh tarik but at the same time, I’ve become more of a coffee person (gasp!) now but tea is something I do have at least once a day esp in the afternoon but only if I’m feeling a lil hard working (coz we all know it’s a bitch to clean up the pot after making tea!).

For the longest time, my husband aka the chai-walla man as he’s otherwise known (because he takes his tea-making seriously!) was in charge of making me tea. But he used to cheat and added condensed milk into his tea which is truly a  SIN I tell you when it comes to making tea. So of recent times, I sacked the chai-walla man and at the age of 34 I finally can make my own tea.


So today, (and after countless time of making it the old fashioned way), I shall show you how to make authentic (try saying it with an Indian accent, together with hand gesture – sorry been watching one too many cooking shows on youtube) so here goes!

To yield one cup of tea you’ll need:

4 cardamom pods, bruised

2 cloves

Handful of ginger or 5 whole peppercorn if you prefer. You can add in cinnamon stick as well.

Quarter to half cup water

3/4 milk as per your mug size

1-1.5 tablespoon of tea leaves (like my taste in men, I like my tea strong, if you prefer something light, stick to 0.5-1 tablespoon!)

1 tablespoon sugar

Method: Yup twas a slow day at home so I took the liberty of photographing my tea-making adventures, lol.

Spices as you already know. In recent times I”ve ran out of ginger and buying fresh ginger is equivalent of buying freaking GOLD here coz it’s that expensive so I’ve been using 4-5 whole peppercorns instead. Yup you heard it, those rounded lil balls before they become black pepper powder.

Of course a good alternative to all these fresh spices would be Masala Tea powder! Which I do not have so boo.

Slowly creep up on those unsuspecting green cardamoms and bash the shit outta it.

And stop when it literally ’shits’ bricks, hah. Couldn’t resist.

Throw all your spices into the quarter- half cup water in a pot. Let it boil until you get a spice-flavored water.

Now add in tea leaves.

And let these babies boil for 2-3 minutes until tea is infused.

Add in your sugar which should be according to your taste. Let boil for a minute.

Pour in your milk and watch the color changing magic take place. This is somehow my favorite part which I so look forward to. Story of my life, hah.

The calm before the storm.

The storm. Just wait for your tea to almost boil over and then proceed to switch off your stove. If you prefer your tea thicker I read somewhere you should let the milk boil over 3 times. But try not getting your milk curdled up coz that will suck.

I prefer to close the pot and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes before straining it out.

Now strain, pour it out and ENJOY your cup of masala chai on a cool day! And don’t forget to throw out those leaves and clean your pot!

Hope you enjoyed this useless post on making tea and if you have any tips or have a different method of making it, do share and I will try it out.

I shall end this post with a random useless photo of the ex-chaiwalla husband in his jacket….

Who’s ‘cool’ factor went out the door the minute he excitedly stepped on that carousel.

#afatherslife #wannalookswagbutfailedmiserably

Ok toodles.

P.s: If you want to learn how to make coffee, please do check out  this post then. Mmm coffeeee

I Have Insta….

4 Apr


*Climbs on the band wagon, yeehaaa*

Okay so I’ve been told this blog has been quite quiet of late. Hi, remember me?!

I’ve been mulling for the longest time about the idea of having a ’social media’ account/presence for my readers and after some thought to it, I figured, why not? Time to be a little more hipster-ish, lol plus besides I’ve found myself getting a tad lazy sometimes to blog mainly because this stupid laptop of mine has been PMSing way worse than a bloody (no pun, har har) female that it makes it almost impossibru to blog sometimes. Can’t even open chrome on this stinky laptop!!


So in view that I have a nicer phone, ahem, I figured I might as well make the most of it to update my darling sweet readers (did I give you goose bumps?!) with life’s lil snippets on what we get up to here via Instagram! It’s wayyy easier than blogging for sure and takes just a few minutes of clicking and updating that even noobs like me can figure it out. Hurrah!

Blogging of course will resume once I fix this lunny machine of mine! Definitely have much to update and so many pics to share.

Meanwhile….FOLLOW ME or rather US on my instagram account here.

Or if you’d just take a second to shift your beady eyes to the right side of the blog, you’ll find a camera button icon that will lead you to all things sugary, sweet and nice, haha. I kid.

Okay I’ll go now.

Go ahead, press the button!

The Surprising Surprise

12 Mar

The Surprising Surprise

There’s a saying how distance makes the heart grow fond (er) esp if  the woman leaves the man for weeks leaving him to cook by himself, clean the house by himself, do the dishes and laundry by himself resulting in him appreciating and yearning for the wife even more. Boredom and not having the usual noise, nags and pure awesome company heh also makes him miss you more.

Or so a man claims.

Anyway it’s been ages since the husband has surprised me with anything. What with our move and trying to get settled in, in the past 12 months surprising each other with gifts (or being romantic for that matter) was the last thing on our minds. But now that things are more or less settled….

Tada….a welcome home gift or more like a belated birthday gift as well, lol. But at the same time, it’s not like I got him anything for his birthday this year *no income problems*

He actually took the effort to hand-paint the wrapper. All together now….awwww. While he didn’t tell me in the beginning he painted the wrapper, I knew it in an instant coz it’s  his signature painting.

My first impression of what might be inside: ‘hmm, can a bag be this small???’ but not before saying ‘Eh, what’s this?!’ – what a mood killer for sure!

But as I opened it,finally realized it was a phone to replace my current old phone as I”ve been using it for years now and it’s starting to lag on me!

I’ve been juggling two phones prior to this….mainly because I was too lazy to transfer the necessary from my Malaysian phone to the phone with my OZ sim (which was a loan phone from mom).

But now with this canggih phone, I have taken the initiative to purely just use this :D I”m not much of a phone person so I won’t be giving any form of reviews but all I can say is the processor is FAST and the finger recognition to access your phone is a pretty cool feature that will keep any sibuks away from it. Plus I’ve downloaded tons of apps without lagging the shit out of the phone. So two thumbs up! Woots.

The hand-made card and his attempts of being funny.

That’s not all. He obviously missed Sairah tons and when we got back, she found this in her room:

A BIKE because she finally learnt how to ride a bike when we were back in KL using her old bike which my aunt bought for her on her 2nd birthday!

(Photos below taken from my new phone- guess I don’t have to lug around my heavy camera around often anymore!)

The handy-man fixing it up…of course I offered some assistance too.

And my Minnie bike is good to go Mom.

I think Sairah’s life is complete now…Minnie scooter, Minnie Helmet, Minnie doll and now a Minnie bike! Talk about being Minnie overload – Minnie-fied.

We’re both happy campers with our gifts so guess we’ll have to be a lil more nicer to him in the next week or so  :lol:

P.s: Which also meant having to cook his favorite egg sambal as per his request – see recipe below, hah

My Easy Peasy Egg Sambal

10 Mar

My Easy Peasy Egg Sambal

We’re back to Melbourne after 3 weeks in KL! Needless to say, Sairah and I have stuffed ourselves silly with tons of Malaysian food that I think I”ll be okay not having our food for the few months, heh.

*rubs satisfied and contented bigggg stomach*

The end of our KL trip also means getting back to reality with Sairah resuming kinder tomorrow (thank god Monday was a public holiday because lil madam has been waking up LATE in the past 2 days!) and as for myself – it means getting back to maid wifely duties! Lucky for me, we came home to a clean house because the husband is trained to clean *blows finger  nails* (it’s all in the training ladies) but of course bugger left a pile of HIS clothes to be ironed and I’m finding ways to get out of it like ‘look, you wore those damn clothes so why should I be the one ironing it?!’

Anyway, one of the dishes he was craving the minute I got back was my egg sambal. Can you imagine getting home around 8 a.m only for him to plead and request egg sambal for lunch? Lol yea….so kesian! For me coz I told him I was tired (and had tons to unpack) AND the fact that I was quite sick and tired of Malaysian food already. Like give my bloated stomach a break man.

But yet he persisted into asking me to make it for dinner.

Dinner time came and Sairah and I were still asleep (jet lag mah, lol) so we ended up with Maggi for dinner.

Then came lunch the next day. Again with this damn request but Sairah insisted on some pizza so like a good daddy that he is, he whipped this up for us:

Looks gourmet-ish or what?

Then dinner time came and before he could even ask, I said I would make the damn egg sambal because quite frankly, I was craving it myself, heh.

There are a few versions on how to make sambal but this is my easy version but of course. All you ever need to make it are these two products which I have successfully stocked up from KL, woot woot!

You can of course make your own chili paste but since I like to minimize work around the kitchen hence my preference for ready made chili giling. I like Puteri chili paste too.

Hello my precious! Really precious coz cannot get here in Melbourne.

But because I know these aren’t available in Melbourne – I have also experimented with other sauces to recreate the sambal which isn’t too shabby.

For the benefit of my Malaysian readers, I”ll stick to the Malaysian ingredients for now.

What you’ll need:

One big red onions sliced or two small red onions. The more onions the better. Nuff said.

Handful of vegetarian anchovies (which are essential made of mushrooms and gives a good crunch to the dish. Available in Jusco or any vegan shops. I prefer this to the real thing).

1-2 tablespoon of chili paste

1-2 tablespoon of sambal belacan

Quarter cup of water

Salt and sugar to taste.

That’s all!


1. Add oil into pan and fry onions until translucent.

2. Then add in vegan anchovies and fry until crisp.

3. Add in one tablespoon of each paste and cook until raw smell goes away. I usually stick to one tablespoon each but you can add in 2 tablespoon each if you want a thicker or spicier sambal.

4. After cooking for 2-3 minutes, add in some water to create some gravy. Adjust according to your preference but in general try to keep it thick.

5. Add in salt and sugar to taste. I generally add in about 2 teaspoon of sugar.

6. Now let everything simmer until the sauce thickens up, for at least 5 minutes.

7. Add in your hard-boiled eggs and give it a good stir.

Now serve and pray that the Aussie neighbors aren’t pissed with you since you’ve left the sliding door open to get rid of the belacan smell in the kitchen, haha.

Btw I found this kawaii lil egg timer at Daiso for only RM5! Now I just need to find a damn tool to help crack open hard boiled eggs easily. I’ve tried the shake in glass method which was quite disastrous.

This is the end result: a comfort food of sorts for us and boy is it spicy or what?!

Needless to say, somebody was a very happy  man yesterday!

Okay la, I’m not gonna talk about food in a while now.

Or maybe I will. #malaysianproblems :D

A Year Ago

27 Feb


Who knew, one year ago on this date,  I would walk into my parent’s room, only to see my dad in a very weak vulnerable condition that sent mom and I in a frenzy to rush him to the hospital.

Who knew, that after frantically getting him into the car that would be the last time we would ever drive with him in the car. Or to the hospital.

Who knew, that 3 days later, we would all be left heart broken and empty.


Who knew, that his doctor would pull mom aside to break the news about how dad was in a critical stage where nothing looked promising.  That he would probably leave this world in the next few weeks or months even as his body was shutting down and that making a recovery seemed like a far far away dream and miracle….and that we were suppose to prepare for the worst.

Who knew, how to prepare for the worst.

Who knew, it would be his last 2 days alive. Not weeks. Not months even. Just 2 more days left.


Who knew, that when the doctor suggested as a final step of saving him, a dialysis might make him feel better. But who knew, as I asked the doctor exactly how many sessions would he need to fully recover that infact, wouldn’t have taken place at all. Not even once.

Who knew, his time was just around the corner. Just one more day left. But we still relied on hope and hope was all we had. That was the only thing we could cling onto with our dear lives.

Who knew, that when my dad uttered ‘my uncles are here’, it had a much more deeper meaning to that.


Who knew, as they wheeled him out from his room to ICU to perform the dialysis hours later he wouldn’t be wheeled back into his room.

Who knew, that when I followed mom into the ICU in those final hours  - while I was happy to see him back to his old self ( there’s a believe that no matter how sick someone is, they will revert to their happy original state for you to remember them by before leaving the world) would infact be the very last time I would see my dad alive. If there was any consolation, at least the last image of my dad seemed better and happier compared to the previous few days in the hospital.

I wonder sometimes if he knew then what was about to happen. I wonder too if my grandmother, grandfather, uncle and dad’s uncles were truly there in the room as well in those final hours waiting to welcome their son into the other side. I saw it happen with my grandmother.

Who knew, that an hour later, even before the dialysis could take place we would hear the code blue go off and hear an announcement calling out to us to see his doctor urgently.

And that our hearts would sink and break into tiny pieces instantly crushing our whole world down as we stood by him watching him float away further and further away from us……

For the good man that he was, he was called Home on a very auspicious day known as Maha Shivaratri where Hindus believe passing on this day takes you straight to Heaven.


Who knew, that a heart could remain broken even 365 days later. That tears never fail to fall freely every night.

Who knew, that when people tell you time heals this will be the biggest white lie they will ever tell you. Simply because time doesn’t truly heal. You only learn to adjust yourself a little living without this person in your life.

But I know, as much as all of us find it hard to let go, you are better off up in Heaven. And I know for a fact that you are watching out for us from up there true to your usual self.

28.02.2015 until we are reunited:

We will always love, miss and think of you with each passing day – no doubt about that.

Until we meet again Daddy.

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