Colors Of The Rainbow

17 Dec

Colors Of The Rainbow

So from the time I posted about Sairah’s art work here, we have kept ourselves ‘busy’ by working on MORE art pieces and lil projects to kill time.

One of the things I always drill into her when doing any art piece is to keep it as colorful and inject different types of colors where possible.


Coz hey, there must be a good reason why crayons and art supplies come in MANY colors right?! :)

In the spirit of X’mas, we decided to work on these:

My facebook feed is being blasted with Christmas-y craft so I figured teaching her how to make a snowman was almost mandatory:

Do you want to build a snowman?

Followed by a X’mas tree and a star cut out which is sitting prettily on our sliding door handle, lol.

Incase you’re squinting your eyes trying to figure out what she wrote, it’s an ‘Under The Sea’ theme art piece which was very easy for her to do. But O.m.g at the hand-writing, lol needs MORE practice I’m sure.

Is it me or did you also sing to the tune of Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid after seeing this  :eek:

I got her these set of doll cut outs so she decided to give them names and wanted to draw designs on them.

Do not disturb. Lil designer at work working on her first collection.

And if one row of girls weren’t enough, she said she wanted to give them cousins hence another row of girls were created so they could just all hang out together.

Is this just like a United of Colors of Benetton ad or what?!

Hey hey galfriendsss, let’s chill out or o.m.g let’s shopppp!

This.Is.A.Boat. Which she was happy to do because she wanted her dolls to take the  boat for a spin :D

Mr Owl.

This was a fun piece for her given how they were tons of glue-ing involved! Very easy peasy to create tho it may look a lil advanced for a 4 year old. Heh.

Apple Tree using paint and crepe paper for apples.

Moving on to some of her doodle art:

Her happy family potrait

And her doodle entitled: Grandma & Sairah

Squiggly colored lines after our lesson of injecting various colors.

Squiggly lines + colored lolly sticks. Only because we have tons of em around.

Sairah’s hand-made X’mas tree in her lil ‘home’, haha

Said ‘home’. We got this for under $15 and she absolutely loves to spend time hanging out in her own lil space. Also when she gets scolding, this will be her first go-to place to avoid us, lol.

Most times in her tent are spent reading her library books. Obviously she can’t read for now but I reckon when she finally can she’ll be quite the book worm.  She just loves to look at the pictures and would make up her own stories as she goes along. And if we’ve read em to her before, she will repeat the same story but in her own words.

She has quite the imagination and memory power on her I have to say.

Occasionally she’ll get a giant intruder in her lil space, haha

Help mom there’s a fat monster in my tent :lol:

Snippity snip snip the safety scissors go…

Working on some ‘monster eyes’ art.

Some of her art pieces can be a lil eccentric I know, lol. But that’s what being creative is all about right? Right.

It was her Uncle’s birthday so we decided to make a ‘birthday cake’ for him.

Sairah the Lion takes on a lion piece. Roar!

This is something she worked on a few days ago. The father had bought an art easel some time ago but we’ve hardly seen him work on it so Sairah decided to hijack it and put it to good use, at last!

Using finger painting technique:

Love her concentration when working on her art. Hoping she’ll be like this in school too, heh.

Heyyy no peeking: ze master piece iz almost ready.

Hmm how to make this more colorful?!

The final result: finger painting on canvas entitled: Cockatoo!

What do you think?

Looks like the lil artist is proud and content with it. So you have be too!

We moved on to finger painting on paper.

Showed some pretty smooth skills of using her fingers and palm to create the texture she wanted.

Careful fingers…slow and steady wins the game.

I know. Not for the faint heart! Luckily washing it off was easier than expected.

And she decided to call this: The Colors of The World. Don’t ask but we spend time coming up with names for each piece. I think it adds a lil something to it and creates more appreciation on the pieces done.

Some of her other finger painting pieces:

“A stroll in the Jungle”

And last but not least: “Peacock’

If anyone wants to buy any of her piece, kindly do contact me.

Just kidding!

For now our kitchen table is swamped with nothing but art supplies and Sairah’s art pieces and if you ask me, that’s a pretty good thing :)

Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

11 Dec

Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

If you think Terrible Twos or Terrifying Threes were bad enough. Think again ladies. Coz Frightening Fours is the REAL DEAL that makes being 2-3 look like child’s play! Enjoy to the 2-3 year moments for now coz it will only get worse.

Be ready to expect more tantrums, smart alec answers, strong opinions of their own, I”M BORED statements even when they have a thousand other things to do and boy does the list goes on!

I’ll give you an example of what she said the other day. Since the husband wasn’t feeling well for 3 days in a row last week, he felt like eating Indian food so like a good Indian wife I had to oblige, lol. So on the third day of it, this transpired at the dinner table:

Sairah: Indian food  again (with hands on the forehead sumore!)! Daddy only wants to eat Indian, Indian and more Indian! You’re so Indian Daddy.

(mother of all gasp I know right??! but we definitely had a good laugh at that)

Daddy: If I”m Indian then what are you?

Sairah in a very proudly manner: Daddieeeee I’m Malaysian. Mom’s Malaysian. We’re Malaysian girls!!

#1Malaysia #doingitright #policitianspleasewatchandlearn!

We were totally shocked with what she had to say but also proud in some ways. But sometimes I don’t blame her coz this kid really loves her food especially Malaysian food, lol. Daddy can be so yindian sometimes :wink:

Becoming more opinionated  is definitely something we’re dealing with right now to the point that I”m so afraid she might say something offensive in public. When we first got here, Sairah used to pin point people who were of larger size and say ‘look mom, that lady’s so fat’!! And it took her a while to register NOT to say such horrible things so thank god she has looked past that now or I’ll  never be alive to blog about this. Although sometimes, I keep my hands on stand by mode so incase she utters those words, my hand will be quick enough to cover that mouth of hers, lol I’d hate to offend anyone. But so far it hasn’t happened so phew. We constantly remind her that people come in all kinds of shape,sizes and colors but inside we’re all the same.

And perhaps she got this from me but whenever we go to the mall, she’ll request if its okay to check out the toy section. On a good day, she’ll browse through the toys and tell me to put it on the ‘list’ and will walk out of there without any tantrums. I drill it and make sure  it’s not possible to buy toys whenever we go to the mall.  That there are many kids out there who do not have anything so be thankful with what you have.

I also tell her it’s okay to go play and touch the toys for free without buying it at the mall  :D Which is she finds joy in doing.


On bad days however! ‘MOM, you always want to wait for it to go on sale’!!! ‘You NEVER buy me any toys’.

And naturally of course, what transpires next will be a standard heated mother-daughter argument with mommy gaining 1 point because this always takes places:

Mommy: Sairah, don’t you DARE utter those words, if you think we don’t buy you toys, let’s go home and give ALL your toys away right now.

Sairah: ‘Noo mommy  noooo I”m sorry’

Mommy 1. Sairah 0. You don’t mess with the old lady.

I used to see these things happening with older kids at the toy section and would go phew, thank god that’s not us now.

But that time has finally come my friends. Oh yes. *tears hair out*

While we’re at this, what’s the most embarrassing thing your kid has ever said or done in public?

Anyho! In the spirit of X’mas and what not, I decided to come up with a Naughty or Nice card for Sairah to keep bad behavior in check. Coz this momma has had enough and if this stickiness continues, I told her she is free to find another home who will put up with her :D

Dear Santa, do you think I have been naughty. Or nice? If you want your milk and cookies Santa, you’ll know what to say.

In a nut shell, I have come up with a card that tracks and awards good behavior for the month. The aim of the game is simple. Earn 5 stars in the week in order to collect a small prize at the end. While I”m not going to benchmark is as having good behavior the WHOLE day (coz y’all know it’s almost impossible), doing good deeds or following instructions will earn you a star. And I’ve also implemented a half star rule where you only get half star if you CRY or put up resistance at first but eventually do it. Coz I think that’s only fair. And every week we will round up the sticker and see if she has been naughty or nice.

When you flip open the card there’s also a section that mentions this which we will ‘review’ at the end of the week.

So far we’re on the first week of it. On Tuesday she earned a full sticker for being on good behavior the whole day (see I told you, on a good day she can be awarded a baby of the year award!). Then yesterday, she earned half a sticker coz I’ wanted to experiment on her lunch coz I”m trying to come up with ideas for her lunch box for kinder next year.

Since it encourages a balanced meal, I made fish finger in puff pastry with lots of cheese and some mashed peas and carrots.

It smelled delicious I assure you.She ate the first half of it since it was full of fish and cheese and when she spotted some greens  - all hell broke loose! I had to put up with gagging motions, crying (crying over mashed peas anyone?) BUT she eventually did finish it whole.

Which earned her half a sticker on the card.

Then we moved on the her room which was a total mess as you can see. Plus you can tell yesterday was a ‘naughty’ day of sorts. But all the better coz it put the card idea to the test.

So instructions were clear: CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM ALL BY YOURSELF! If you can make the mess by yourself, you can clean it by yourself too. Coz that is how life works.

Hence her hand on head moment which I managed to capture, lol.

Aiyooo can’t  mom, I’ve got a headache. Lol

I left her for 10 minutes and went back to check. Nope, still playing with all her toys.

Instructed her again to do so. Came back in another 10 minutes. Nope – nothing done.

But it’s okay…still gave her some time coz you know how it goes when you’re cleaning up your room – you suddenly discover things you’ve long forgotten about and simply must play around with em for a while.

Eventually this happened; look mom, all clean! And I did it all by myself.

So I gave her the honors of putting the other half sticker onto the card. Half coz she resisted initially. Okay so you see how it works now? :)

For now the naughty or nice chart hangs on our pantry door. Today seems to be a good day (Yes mommy, no mommy, okay mommy, I love you mommy – I swear her good and bad days as I’ve said before takes turns everyday!) so she might get a sticker. We’ll see.

Oh and I absolutely love this reward stickers which I discovered. Makes a great tool for teaching too. No idea why kids are so obsessed with collecting stickers. But hey, there are over 1000 stickers in the book so I predict good days ahead, heh.

To fixing naughty-ness,one step at a time :D

Australian Pre-Order For 2015!

8 Dec

Australian Pre-Order For 2015!

Sorry for the lack of updates. We experienced a few first (of many to come I’m sure) with Sairah recently.  I”ll blog about that soon.

But for now. A very berry special announcement.

Sairah and I will be heading back to KL! And with that, y’all can help roll out the red carpet when we get back.

I kid.

I will be having a pre-order of Australian goodies since we’ll  have 60kgs bag allowance between us two and I’m literally not packing any of my clothes back since I still have alot of my stuff back home, heh.

I’m currently concentrating on perfume orders since some are going for dirt cheap given the holiday season. So if you’re looking at stocking up your favorite perfume, kindly submit in your orders. There are limited spots of course. Unless I’m still able to use a lil ‘abang here and abang there’ to help me get out of it, lol.

Lookie look at all these cheap cheap perfumes! I don’t know how they do it, but they do.

Anyhos, do check out the price list here: Perfume List (there’s a section for women and men’s perfumes) I’m 100% sure that most of the perfumes are still cheaper than what you can get back  in KL. Like come on, when was the last you got yourself an Elizabeth Arden perfume for RM80, and 100ml at that?? If the perfume you want isn’t on the list, kindly just email me and I’ll send you a quote. Also please note, the price currently offered is dependent on promotional rates at the moment and shall be subjected to change when necessary. All quotes come inclusive of poslaju but if you’re in East Malaysia, there might be a small surcharge.

You may refer to my previous spree I did middle of this year here to get a rough idea what you can get from here. For those who have been emailing me about the Tresemme Thermal Heat Tamer Spray, now is your chance :) Unlike the sale in June, prices at the moment aren’t exactly the cheapest yet but I’ve been told to wait until post-x’mas so if there are any kiddie clothes haul or anything else you have in mind, do let me know. There are tons of online stores which you can browse to get an idea.

The only catch to this pre-order is *drum roll*, I’ll only be back second week of February but hey, good things come to those who wait! All items will definitely go out in time for CNY :)

So what are you waiting for? Order away.

Please email me at for any questions/queries.


Dining In With dish’d And A Chance To Try It Yourself!

3 Dec

Dining In With dish’d And A Chance To Try It Yourself!

Brought to you by Nuffnang and dish’d

Out of all the aisles in the supermarket, the frozen-meal section has to be my least favorite ‘hang out’. Having tried a few that didn’t deliver in terms of taste I was still keen to take on the dish’d challenge since after all they do pride themselves as a premium frozen food delivery service. What’s unique about dish’d is the fact that it is available to experience online and they deliver food to your door step. Sometimes I have my lazy and busy days so its understandable that frozen food can be a very good alternative for a busy home so long it’s easy to prepare, nutritional and yummy to the core!

dish’d was recently launched with Chef extraordinaire Jacques Raymond and a small team to ultimately deliver delicious food and a premium service to us busy moms and folks alike. It’s a new and exciting way to experience delicious food around the world in the comfort of your own home as dish’d aims to give busy homes food that is accessible, easy and less time-consuming. And I think that is something we all can make use of during one of those days.

Since I have mad love for all things online, placing my order on their website was fairly easy considering how their website is easy to navigate. You basically choose what you want (I have to warn you though that is indeed the hardest part as most dishes are drool worthy!) and I appreciate the review section where you get to see what others honestly think about the dish before making a decision. Place your orders into the cart and check out while filling your appropriate details.

I placed my order on Monday around 12.30pm and got my frozen meals delivered to our door step the very next day around 2.30 pm. How’s that for being prompt. dish’d currently only caters to those in Metro VIC and NSW at the moment.

There was also a text message in the morning informing and reminding me to expect my food. If you’re  not at home, that’s also fine because they will leave it at your door step or at a special safe spot designated by you.

The meals come nicely packed in a box of dry ice to ensure freshness.

Sairah and I felt like having pizza that night so we gave the Five Cheese Pizza a go. If there’s one thing that really stands out about dish’d products its definitely their packaging. It’s colorful, informative and honest because you’ll see how each end product of the dish stays true to what’s pictured on the box.

All the how to prepare, ingredients and nutritional info can be found at the back of the box and online as well before placing an order if you’re concerned over such details.

Huge bonus point: when the pizza looks exactly the same as pictured in the box. It also gave us a taste of Italy since all their dishes are made in the country of origin giving you a very authentic taste and feel to it.

Made In Italy pizza = yummy pizza! The Naples style crust was soft and full of flavor that it was hard for Sairah not to resist a few more extra slices. By the end of it, that pizza was all gone and quite expectedly so.

The husband decided to try out the Hake En Papillote which was French style steamed fish in pesto sauce and vegetables which was made in France. 90% of their dishes come with the option of being microwaved or baked in the oven depending on how much time you have on hand. The fish was definitely fresh and full of flavor but he felt the portion was a tad small for a man of his size, lol. I kept telling him the French are known to eat smaller portions :eek:  but it’s a good thing we saved a pizza slice for him.

It may look like it’s something you spent hours cooking in the kitchen but nope – this was ready after 8 minutes cooking time in the microwave :)

I was quite happy to see some Thai food options on the dish’d and among all three single-serve meal Thai dishes featured in the site, the Thai Vegetable Green Curry was our top pick because of its bold flavors, fragrant Jasmine rice and how it transported me back to dining in Thailand. I’m pretty sure the fact that it was made in Thailand had everything to do with it too.

It took 4.5 minutes to pop this into the microwave before dishing it out. The star is definitely in the sauce. Take it when I say it’s authentic Thai food in a box.

There’s also a choice of Prawn Pad Thai which the husband thought wasn’t the best yet not too bad to satisfy those Pad Thai cravings.

He was this time around happy with the portion size that came with 6 medium sized prawns.

I got to try out 2 different types of single-serve pastas and this was my absolute favorite:  the Casatella and Mascarpone Ravioli had a certain richness taste to it without being overly rich and the tomato sauce was made to perfection.

This was hands down our favorite pasta. Though it serves one, Sairah and I managed to share this dish until our tummies got full.

I reckon the single-serve dishes do make an excellent way of taking food to work as well. And it’s definitely cheaper than dining out.

Preparation time: All of 5 minutes for a taste of Italy. For the other single-serve pasta, we ate it out straight from the box which made cleaning up real easy :)

Y’all know the thumb goes up when food is honest-to-God delicious.

Besides meals, dish’d also pride themselves in delicious desserts and you all know how I love my desserts so with great delight we took on the Bacio Gelato with chocolate hazelnut swirl topped with toasted hazelnut pieces which we found to be satisfying. Though the texture felt more light and closer to being an ice cream than a gelato, this was still satisfaction in a cup, especially on a hot summer’s day.

Having had our fair share of Tiramisu, dish’d spin on Tiramisu Al Mascarpone was simply delicious. The mascarpone cream was light and not too sweet which is especially good when you’re eating tiramisu of this size because you want to go all the way and not stop half way just because you’re feeling a tad sick from all that sweetness.

This is perfection in a box.

Overall, I have to admit, the frozen-meal experience with dish’d was much better than I expected it to be. Most of their food definitely gave a very ‘homely’ feel to it, like it was made from scratch in the comforts of my kitchen. Except, we all know it only took us a matter of minutes to whip it out! And for once, I don’t think anyone at home would dare complain because each meal was sourced with the best ingredients in order to curate the most delicious meal experience.

And now for a chance for one lucky reader to spend AUD50 and savor the taste of dish’d yourself, all you have to do is comment below and tell me  what would you spend your $50 dish’d voucher?

Contest period shall end in a week’s time from the date of this post.

As dish’d only is available in Metro Vic and NSW, participation is only open to those who live in these area. Kindly check if your postcode is applicable for delivery on dish’d site.

If you’d like to try out dish’d , do note there’s an introductory offer of $30 free plus free delivery when you spend $50 on your first order.

Congrats Vivacous, you’ve just won yourself the $50 voucher from dish’d. Hope this will make entertaining your friends easier!

Change One Thing

24 Nov

Change One Thing

I grabbed this book called ‘Change One Thing’on a sheer whim at the library some weeks ago and only recently started reading it. Mainly coz I felt like I needed to. After procrastinating to read it, hah. I”m not even half way through the book so I have no idea why I’m even blogging about it (though I think the title of the post has a nice ring to it, heh) but in a nut shell, the core underlying tone to it is mainly to make that ONE change to embrace a happier and a more successful you. And it can be just about anything really!

A short excerpt from the book:

Do something that will mean you have no regrets.

Do something that will make you feel proud of yourself.

Just remember: the first step is easy.

All you have to do is Change One Thing.

By making just one change, however large or small, you can alter the course of the rest of your life- a change in your lifestyle, attitude, behavior or a particular habit.

So, after months of sitting on our arses, we’ve finally decided to enroll Sairah for Bharatanatyam class. She went for the trial and just loved everything about it. Her classroom overlooks the lake giving it such a peaceful feel to it. Sairah was extremely attentive and followed her teacher’s instructions to the tee that it even shocked us as well, haha.

Embarking on classical Indian dance was always something my dad wanted for her mainly because he wanted to infuse and remind Sairah of her roots while living here. It was always major fail trying to get me and my sis for it though so I’m glad Sairah wants to do this. And so far I love how her teacher was teaching her all things related to Hindu-ism too. Just yesterday she heard the wind and told me, mom  hear that, that’s God talking. It’s all about appreciating the smaller things in life people.

All set for trial class. I didn’t really have any of her Indian outfits so I tried my best to put together something that was similar to it. Braided hair a  must to complete the look, heh.

But lucky for us there’s a ‘uniform’ to be stitched for her dance class. Will definitely post up a photo once it’s ready.

Giving praise to Lord Shiva at the beginning of class for HE is considered to be the God of this dance form. See even mommy learnt something new at Sairah’s class.

We’re definitely excited for Sairah to be going ahead with this! Grandpa is definitely grinning from one end to the other up there.

Since the book said to change one thing, we’ve decided to go for walks in our hood! I”m not going to kid myself and set high expectations of doing this everyday but we definitely will perhaps once every 2-3 days (mainly coz we walk alot already in malls and ronda places other days, heh), depending on the weather. As you know, weather here is totally unpredictable. It was a stinky summer 36 degrees yesterday when we went to Healesville which was very uncomfortable and made our visit a short one.

Sairah fully convinced that the best place to hang out was by the ice cream chiller :wink:

Walking around uncomfortably with her Zoo VIP badge yo.

Let’s just say we were glad to leave the hot weather behind. Very rarely my hair goes in a ponytail when we’re out but when it does…you know it’s a stinky hot day! Summer please don’t come soon.

But hey guess what, it’s 18 degrees right now with some rain. So like I said, walk will depend on the weather.

And oh: Jacket: AUD5, Jogging pants: AUD7.50. Sports Shoe: AUD10

I just had to ’show off’ the price. Coz they were seriously dirt cheap and true to my ‘bargain’ style :lol:

Sairah putting her new wagon to use by pulling Goofy around. She majorly requested one because she wants to use them to ‘put leaves and sticks that I find’.

Err okay.

And away we go on our 2km walk.

Monkey see monkey do of course.

Husband checking out someone else’s house…because each house is pretty much unique here we tend to get drawn into being such kepohs about the design/structure and just about everything.


Sairah taking in the view and admiring God’s beauty.

To one small change, one small step at a time.

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