The Curious Cat

22 Jan

I just realized I’ve been blogging this blog for officially all of 7 years now!

*throws confetti*

That’s like an age of a primary going kid  yo. Minus the unnecessary school bills and tantrums  :) No wait, I still do pay fees to maintenance this blog so yea…

I started this blog in 2008 (right after getting married) out of excitement and to channel my thoughts somewhere and because I wanted to document my ‘journey’ and it’s amazing that I”ve continued to blog this long because I admit – sometimes I generally do tend to get bored of things quite quick and tend to abandon them. Errrr like my piano lessons. And Taekwando. I’m sure there’s more! But just like my  marriage, I”ve decided to continue on with this, heh.

There’s also this thing called the 7 year itch which is most applicable for marriages but I figured in this context it might exist coz I came quite close to not renewing my domain this year but figured what the heck, I”ll give it another year and see. For what it’s worth, I do think some blogs have an ‘expiry’ date and of course I”d be lying if I told you I will blog this blog until the day I die.

Incase you don’t know this already, lots of effort does go into blogging. And even writing in general. From choosing photos to uploading it (and god knows I have lots to share) from collecting my thought process (and damn on some days I have NONE!) to actually writing which is where most of the hard work comes from. Let’s not forget the amount of time spent on editing/proof-reading, although I can’t say I’m good at it coz sometimes I read old post and can spot so many mistakes :(

All this for something that doesn’t even pay me ok.

But it’s aight because end of the day it’s something I enjoy doing. And I try to update as and when I can.

Ok never mind with all this mumbo jumbo talk.

For today’s post, my question to YOU (yes YOU right there reading this random stupid blog) is, how long have you been reading ME (I’ll try to give you a prize IF you’ve been following me since 2008 but I highly doubt there’s any, heh) and WHY? Also if you have any questions you’d like to shoot, go ahead.

That is all! Toodles.


Our Hong Kong (Mis)Adventure

18 Jan

Our Hong Kong (Mis)Adventure

Just realized I had this draft sitting prettily so it would be such a total sin to blog this much and not publish it. So here it is, after a year later. #malaysianstyle

A child falling sick during a vacation is the worst possible thing that could happen, well next to losing your passport that is. People always ask, how hard/easy it is to travel with a kid in tow? In most cases, it’s pretty easy so long a child is occupied seeing and exploring the world with you. Of course it gets a lil tiring and takes a lil more effort than usual and if its there’s one  thing I’ve learned, as parents there’s always new things you learn as you go along this curved thing called parenthood.

But what is actually hard is when they do fall sick during their travels. If there’s one practice we do during our trips and that is to ALWAYS pack along Sairah’s meds and up until our HK trip, we never really had to use it.

The day we arrived to HK, I was actually sick like a dog. I slept the entire time on board shaking and shivering and it was like that until we got to the hotel room where I actually was in bed the entire freaking day. I don’t usually fall this sick but that day, I totally did so F you Murphy and whatever blast it germs I caught on! A whole day had passed and I didn’t even realize it but it finally paid off in a way coz I was in a semi better condition the next day all ready for Disneyland for Sairah’s sake. Bless the husband coz he gave Sairah a bath all by himself, took her out to dinner and watched her that entire day. We made sure we took extreme measures and even got 2 single beds so she wouldn’t catch whatever I had.

But alas, you know the saying sometimes if its bound to happen it will?

Well here’s the thing, on Day 3 of our trip, after already completing the first day of HK Disneyland (thank god), we went back there for Day 2 and Sairah was fine and dandy until we got into the park.

That was then she developed a fever. Not a low grade one but a high temprature. And it was at that moment where we both realized it was pretty useless to pack all that damn meds if we weren’t going to take it along with us whenever we go. So lesson learnt – carry your kids meds wherever you go coz a fever/cough/flu can pop up ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Finding a First Aid room was easy as pie since we were afterall in Disneyland. After being diagonised as having high fever, we were told to buy panadol syrup at the pharmacy next door which cost us RM40 for a tiny bottle!

Emergency emergency, one sick baby coming through…

After some negotiations, we were allowed to return back to Disneyland on a different day since we were hardly there for an hour! We were escorted out of the park by their park rep with much stares from other patrons :o

The beauty of my baby girl…can still give mommy a BIG smile while waiting for the train and despite being sick.

I bet she was thinking…alrighttt…I get to spend 3 days in Disneyland!

Made our way back to the hotel and this is the crazy crowd in Kowloon, even on a Friday!

People people everywhereee….

A baby’s still gotta eat despite being sick so what else but to make a quick stop in MCDs

Which is a real rarity treat for her.

So that’s how fries look like? Hah.

By that time her fever was down so we quickly popped by a supermarket and as you can see, she was already beginning to feel much better.

Later that night however was a different story. For the first time in the LONGEST time, Sairah actually vomitted and every time she did, we went on this panic mode. That night, we were actually planning on going to TST to check out the light show. So we hopped onto the bus and since Sairah was feeling much better that evening (no fever in sight), thought everything would be alright.

Boy were we wrong.

Coz half way through the bus ride, she woke up and VOMITED practically everything that was inside her. Her father’s clothes were drenched in thick vomit and when I ran over to carry her she vomited on me drenching just about everything I wore (and I had only packed one jeans for the trip! Ended up with a big laundry bill yo). So there we were, all three of us sat in the bus with clothes drenched in Sairah’s beautiful nauseating vomit scent where we tried our best to clean up whatever that was on her, on ourselves, the bus seat, floor while just  absolutely waiting for the bus to make a turn back to the hotel.

Triple sigh! Was hoping the bus driver wouldn’t throw a bitch fit for the mess created.

If that drama wasn’t enough, even after we got back to the hotel and gave her some food to eat, she threw up even more which sent us into a frenzy coz that was something we hardly experienced with Sairah.

To make things even better (why thank you Murphy), around 1 a.m that morning, I noticed Sairah was shaking quite vigorous in her sleep as a result of high temperature. After what seemed like an eternal time panicking on what to do, we grabbed our passports,  I made sure to wet a towel to keep her fever down, put on a god damn bra and then ran downstairs to the reception to ask if they had a car to send us to the hospital – unfortunately to make our drama more interesting, they didn’t have a car but said we could ‘easily’ get a cab outside the hotel.

Off we ran again downstairs onto the main road with Sairah still trembling while trying to stop a cab – but blast it, every fucking cab that passed by was FULL and this was at 1 a.m on a Saturday morning mind you! Our only consolation was, the hospital was only a mere 5 minutes drive. We must have waited for a good 10 minutes on the road (with me begging and pleading with HIM for a cab to stop for us) while carrying a trembling child before finally getting a cab. We dashed into the hospital and the head nurse who was a really kind lady must have seen the panic look on our faces so she quickly re-assured us it was just a high fever and told us to calm down. She quickly gave Sairah a slight sponge with an ice pack to her back. 10 minutes later we were ushered to see the doctor and while I was praying no hospitalization would be needed, the doctor just recommended a suppository to be given to bring her fever down and gave us some medication to help with the vomiting. By the time we got back to the hotel room, it was close to 3 a.m.

It was truly a first time experience rushing to a hospital for an emergency and that too it just had to happen overseas.  But it was truly a daunting experience esp when it’s a new environment and surroundings which you’re not familiar with.

After sleeping it off, we woke up to a fever-free kiddo!

A quick lunch at our favorite restaurant next to our hotel. And the lack of sleep and tired-ness was very obvious for all of us – you can tell we went through hell that night.

Oh hello earth.

We decided to walk and explore a lil but soon found that to be a BAD idea coz it was a Saturday which means full on congestion everywhere we went.

How on earth does one even do proper shopping with this amount of people around is beyond me.

Decided on having coffee and a small snack quickly….

C.O.F.F.E.E – needed it so badly at that point of time. That too had to wait for a stupid table for a good 15 minutes. Which is apparently a norm for Hong Kongers. Case in point – the girl standing behind me waiting for someone to drink their stupid coffee and buzz off.

Back to the hotel for some rest (though we didn’t really do much that morning).

Some exploring later that night.

At some random dessert place where we had to share a table with strangers sitting in front of us. This is a norm in HK. How the heck does one expect me to eat in peace and have my privacy this way?!

I could have easily reached out for a spoon of his dessert too, heh.

But I didn’t, incase you’re wondering :D

Should have done it. Coz hey if you’re gonna share tables with me, we should learn to share our desserts too :)

Late night view of HK which is SO different from the hustle and bustle of the day.

And that was our HK Mis-adventure which I hope we will never have to encounter again.

Either way, you bet we’ll be carrying a bottle of panadol wherever we go and I highly recommend that you do too.

Exploring Adelaide

13 Jan

Exploring Adelaide

To start 2015, we decided to visit Adelaide for a short 4 day trip since it’s only 1 hour away from Melbourne via flight. That’s the kind of face you have at 7.30 a.m in the morning after being told that your flight got cancelled and you’ll be getting on board a different carrier.

Oh bloody Murphy. And Tiger Air, grrr.

That said, it was just an extra 40 mins wait thank God but for an eager flyer it was considered torturous.

Why can’t we get onto the plane NOW?!

I thought it was kinda cute that she woke up at 5.50 a.m without any fuss or cries and got ready promptly all for our trip.

“Is Adelaide far from Australia Mommy”?

Major fail with geography!

If you’re ever in Adelaide, Gleneg is one of the must-go places which is located about 20 minutes from CBD. That’s the best part about Adelaide…just about everything is close by and roads are a whole lotta easier to drive on!

Either way we rented a car from East Coast car rentals to move about which I highly recommend. The cheapest we could find. Naturally :D

Walk about around the seaside.

What I loved about Gleneg was the amount of restaurants around it. You would literally have a headache trying to decide which one to settle with. I always think that’s a good thing :)

First up, an ice cream on a humid day is a must! But true to our luck, we had packed summer clothes in anticipation of 40 degrees weather (since SA was experiencing extreme hot weather which included major bush fires around the outskirts), the remaining 3 days of our trip turned out to be a cold one!

Seriously Murphy! You must loathe us so much. Thank god for the one denim jacket I packed for her.

Big smile for I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream. It was so good y’all.

With energy levels restored, a run about in the park was almost a mandatory thing to do.

Went back again to Gleneg the next day for early dinner and decided on Mexican food.

So glad I have a child who loves FOOD! Well so long it’s not solely her arch nemesis – veggies!

One of the cafes that came highly recommended – they sure do make a mean cuppa hot chocolate.

One of the other attractions we were told to visit was Hahndorf which is literally Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement with about only 1.8k people.

From the city it took us all of 30 minutes to arrive. Twas a smoggy kind of day with some rain.

One of the restaurants that came highly recommended and is no 1 on Tripadsivor was Sikko’s which in my opinion serves the most amazing crepes/pancakes ever!

It was SO damn good we literally went there two days in a row. And even as I type this, I can hear my tummy rumbling just thinking about it, heh.

The first day:

Yay for Argentinian pancakes. Viva La Argentina

Even the fries were so good that  the hubby couldn’t resist grinning from one ear to the other.

Walk about Hahndorf town which was quaint and oh so pretty.

And this was the second day of going back…..had to wake someone up from her slumber in the car and obviously she wasn’t too happy, haha.

Day 2 of the same pancakes! And what I thought was extra home-made chocolate sauce for being loyal customers, hah.

Finished my chocolate dinner in a jiffy maam. YES, that was our dinner because we’re hippies like that.

Of course no trip is complete without a zoo visit for Sairah’s sake. Adelaide Zoo is the only zoo in Australia that has Pandas I believe and is located very close to the centre of the city. We also got in for free thanks to our Victoria zoo membership which gives you free reciprocal entry to interstate zoos. Talk about value for money.

I can’t wait to see the real thing!

Look mom – it’s Kungfu Panda behind me.

Lookie look at the seal.

And the baby wombat.

Sairah’s second favorite stop: Botanic Gardens, located just next to the zoo.

Felt like it was spring or autumn with the falling leaves so somebody couldn’t resist lying on it.


next to chocolate is lying on a bed of yellow leaves.

So much greenery. Adelaide in our opinion was even more green than Melbourne

Come on, let’s go explore.

Last but not least, no trip is complete without checking out the city

@ Chinatown

Where we were brought to a food court (which reminded us of home) for some yummy Malaysian food!

Found a Hello Kitty cafe nearby and for her sake, naturally just had to step inside.

And paid $5 for just one small Macaroon. Which she later told us was just so so.

River Walk

A quick stroll at Rundall Mall

Oink oink!

We stayed at this hotel which was located at the CBD. And just outside the hotel was this awesome playground which is bound to entertain any kid.

They even have a mini version of a flying fox which someone went on several times. Because of that, it was tough to get her to leave the playground.

Even her old man couldn’t resist playing around. He attempted to get on the flying fox but realized he might be a lil too large, ahem for it.

A quick stroll around the hotel vicinity while sitting on Daddy’s shoulders.

And that my dahlings concludes our very short trip to Adelaide.

Next destination for Sairah: Kinder-ville and boy are we looking forward to that or what!

Naughty Or Nice Chart Update

7 Jan

Naughty Or Nice Chart Update

Just thought I’d update you on Sairah’s chart since it was a hit among you ladies. The month has after all ended so it’s time to review just to see how this method fared.

When I first started the chart, somebody was at her peak of naughty-ness. I encountered many frustrating moments and they were days that I regretted going down this road called motherhood. Don’t judge. Despite my ‘threats’ of considering returning her to the hospital she was born in, it fell on a very deaf ear. But as I told her father, all these bad qualities comes from his side :D

Some parents swear by the naughty chair corner. I did give that a go a few times but it only made things worst coz for starters, she would refuse to sit on it and if she’s sitting on the chair, she would continuously CRY and scream her head off which may look and sound like I’m abusing her. Somehow she hated sitting on the chair to ‘reflect’ with a vengeance. So naturally I had to think of another way.

Perhaps this method might work for older kids who can use those times to reflect but for a 4 year old, this is probably the worst thing that could happen in their life!

Wait till you get out into the real world kiddo.

Hate hate hate!

Anyho, I present you her chart after a month!

Looks pretty colorful eh? She successfully filled them all!

In order to ‘assist’ her into collecting the stickers, I would run through what I want to see more and less of her doing in the day. For example, my priorities for the chart was essentially getting her to clean her room ON HER OWN, helping me around the house (will blog about this soon), watching less tv and more play (have been staying indoors more coz of the blasted heat!) and if possible, be on a good behavior in general like no screaming, no crying and esp no giving me a tough time! Keep what you want achieved simple for starters and when they get the hang on to it, move on to other areas.

It’s important to let them know of the ‘goals’ and ‘expectations’ so they are aware why you’re doing this. I decided to go with collecting 5 stars first initially but I think moving up to 7 stars a week now would be do-able.

Won’t lie, when I first started the chart idea, the thought of getting ‘presents’ seemed to be the no one factor of being on a good behavior for her. Then it was all about collecting stickers and being proud of it (which works for me!) and now she understands the concept on what joy it brings mom and dad when she’s on a good behavior mode!

Win-win for all.

The weeks in summary:

As you can tell week 4 was a blessing! She was on her bestest behavior!

Close up on what she achieved for the day. Picking out her own sticker to stick somehow became a very proud moment for her. And there were days where I would forget to put the stickers and she would ago ‘ahem mom, are you forgetting something?!’.

And the column about her ‘prize’.

For the first week, after she had earned herself 5 stars (despite having the most naughtiest days that week), I decided to get her this:

You may remember seeing this on Doc McStuffins, heh. In some ways I wanted her to know, the more you do good, you will be rewarded some how. Kinda like at work where good bonuses awaits those who do well, heh. Then again, sometimes work hard also means shitty bonus and increments coz that’s life.

Then for Week 3, since it was already Christmas, the husband decided she deserved a lil gift so off we went to get her a ‘dream’ gift because she was pestering us for one so she could have ‘picnics’ and open up a cafe, lol.

O.m.g! After months of pestering my folks for this.

The look of getting what you want. Eh suddenly looks like I have 2 kids haha

Woaaaah, looook, my own utensils for my cafe!


First customer of the day, lol

Week 4: We decided to ton down the value of the gift and taught her the meaning of appreciating any types of gifts including those that weren’t big on value.

That said, mommy still won’t receive any cheapy gifts from daddy :lol:

Don’t think the value of the gift bothered her but hey, one one damn cookie in this tin??

Bloody crooks! To think mom and dad paid AUD3 for this! And also to think my parents gifted me something like this on the week I was on my bestest best behavior. Crooks all of them!

But I’ll eat it anyway, heh. Why? Coz I earned it! Being good taste  yummy.

And the final week which saw 2015 ushered in and since she was good behavior, we got her this M&M music box thingymagicy which was initially sold at AUD10 and went at a bargain for only AUD2.50 at the supermarket, heh- score.

Ah the joy of buying stuff after the festivities end.

AUD50 worth of chocolates all for a bargain price of AUD12. #likeaboss

With all good things, also comes the bad stuff.

We reviewed some of the NAUGHTY stuff she did which included beating mommy in the tummy AND throwing a tantrum just because I switched off the fan because she was insisting on siting super close to it. She has since pinky promised never to do this again.

Needless to say, since getting the hang of how this chart works,somebody has been on a good behavior so I’m glad this method worked.

Just yesterday she noticed how the chart was all full and asked me to work on the second chart together.

So for mommies who are looking at a way on getting the kids behaved a lil better, I highly recommend this method. It may seem like some work initially getting them to understand the concept and god knows how many times I’ve said ‘no sticker for you  with that behavior’ (see what life has subjected me into saying!!) but hey eventually it has paid off and certainly worked for my Frightening Four year old!

Will I continue with this: YES and I will increase it to 7 stars henceforth. Fingers crossed.

P.s: Pre-orders are still open if you’re interested. Do check it out here as I’d like to close up orders by end January!

So Long 2014

31 Dec

So Long 2014

It’s  the very last day of 2014 and I”m glad it’s leaving us because it has been a very bad year. Personally for me and also for us as a nation.

I can’t think of anything good to remotely say about 2014 as it continues to be trying up until today.

This year I lost my beloved father and it remains to be the hardest thing in life to digest. Just a few days ago while having her lunch, Sairah turned to me and said ‘grandpa passed away because of a heart attack’. How she knew this part of the detail boggles my mind but I stood there in our dining table bawling my eyes out because until today I cannot believe he has gone.

This is him last Christmas, during one of his checkups at SDMC, 2 months after this major heart attack.

If anyone told me we would be losing him 2  months after this photo was taken, I wouldn’t have believed them.

But GOD as they say, works in mysterious ways. Ways which I still cannot fathom or register. I feel so cheated and short changed sometimes at HIS expense. But I equally do love HIM for everything else.

I find no peace in this chapter of my life 10 months forward but people say it will eventually come. Whatever it is, I hope you’re doing good up there Daddy.

This year, we lost our pet dog Casper in June. Losing a pet dog is as good as losing a family member. The past months leading up to his demise, we  realized that dogs do age like humans. He had lost a bit of weight on him, kept shaking when he walked, slept the whole day and couldn’t seem to digest his food properly.

When we left to visit here in June,  it was as if we knew it would be our last time seeing him alive. He looked and felt so fragile, a far difference from his usual crazy self.  And a few hours after we landed, we had a call from my sister that Casper had indeed passed on and it was a double blow for us losing yet another family member.

Thank you Casper, our one and only baby brother for making our lives brighter with your silly doggie antics. You definitely taught Sairah to love animals too. No doubt in my mind you’re keeping Dad company up there, probably annoying the crap out of him too.

This year, I”m a bit of a bitter person. I find myself losing the zest for life. It’s as though I don’t want to do anything and nothing seems to excite me anymore. I have my bad day moments where I question the world and humanity and for everything it stands for.

This year we didn’t travel much. While I yearn to go somewhere new, the passion of doing it somehow wasn’t there.

This year we relocated after talking about doing this for years.

While I love our new environment, it comes with a small price of missing family, friends and familiarity. I’ve yet to get around into making new friends (save for a few people that we already know here) because half the time I”m stuck with someone. But it was a nice change to be able to attend a Malaysian meet up in the city just last week where we got to share our stories and to hear their initial struggle as a new migrant which gave us alot of insight and brought new perspective. I’ve since taken the initiative to join more groups and I look forward to meeting more people in the future even though I can be such an anti-social person, hah.

On a that’s-human note, the husband and I have learned a good lesson this year on helping anyone out where their problems are concerned. Is it really human behavior to become ungrateful or to forget good deeds that are done for them once their life gets better and sorted? I don’t know. Human nature will always remain as the most fucked up subject one could ever talk about. Sometimes I feel higher education like holding a Masters or PHD even does not guarantee you that a person will use their brains properly! I do believe and I quote my favorite Malay phrase: “Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga” which simply means no matter how smart or higher off you think of yourself, you will eventually fall to the ground and be more humbled.

Because life is never certain.

In all its gloominess – if there’s one thing I’m slightly thankful for this year then it’s the fact that my back problem hasn’t recurred or rather it’s still under control. I had my worst episode back in early 2013 where my body had actually bent to the right side which I never knew was possible for a human body to do.I seriously could have been an extra as a zombie bitch who just won’t die. I remember being in so much pain and a simple chore as walking did cause some discomfort. On bad days I would have to get bed rest until the pain subsides. But then I remember going to MV once and saw a young boy without any limbs who was using a skateboard to move around. In that instant I knew what I had wasn’t as bad as others. For some reaason with that mind set, my condition got a lil better coupled with some physio exercise or at least what seemed like exercise which I could never complete with someone around.

It was quite bad that I was even advised not to carry Sairah which in return made her super clingy.

Not liking the English interpretation coz it sounds serious like I have a drug problem or something.

Since moving here, I’ve not had any major issues with my back. My only conclusion is the fact that I”m actually doing work at home which translates to some form of exercise for this old body and the fact that I have close to 2-3 glasses of milk a day which has helped strengthen what is needs to strengthen. Whatever is it, I am blessed with the improvement.

This year has also been a challenging year for Malaysia as a nation. If the political situation isn’t something to discuss about already, the floods and the most talked about plane crashes have all got us shocked as a nation. I absolutely cannot fathom what went through their minds in those last seconds as the plane hit water and the fact how a simple exciting trip to Singapore for many have turned it into a horrid nightmare which will continue on to the families left behind. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those affected. And to the families of those who were on MH370 and MH17  as well. No matter how people tell you time will heal, it almost doesn’t really because you’re left with one of those voids that can’t be filled.

Not a good end to year 2014. Then again, it wasn’t even a good year to begin with.

Here’s hope to a better 2015.

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