KidZania Malaysia

13 Sep

KidZania Malaysia

I”ve been wanting to take Sairah to Kidzania in KL since before we moved last year but didn’t get the chance as I felt she might be too young then. So during our trip back to Malaysia a few weeks ago we took the opportunity to check it out. A whole freaking day was allocated for Sairah to explore Kidzania. FUN!

We bought our tickets online (managed to score a 20% discount) and made our way to the entrance.

Each kid gets a ‘cheque’ at the entry point so that they can cash it at the bank.

Here ya go kiddo, some ‘cash’ to spend in our outlets.

Kidzania is basically split into two floors of miniature size companies that you can find in Malaysia. Interestingly enough, different Kidzanias around the world cater to the local market hence have local companies. Definitely makes it more relate-able.

It does get a lil overwhelming as they have tons of career options/company set up to start with. And nobody actually tells you what you need to do (take note Kidzania!). Some had decent size queues while some were empty. We decided on KPMJ’s paramedic section for starters. Asian parents be like hmpfff, who the heck wants to be a paramedic :lol:

I LOVE how each ‘company’ only allows the kids in without any parent supervision because let’s face it, over-bearing parents are the horrendous kind and trust me you will encounter a few around there.  When we decided to check out the hospital, this lil kid was asked which he wanted to play – doctor or nurse. And with much enthusiasm he said nurse only for his father to literally BARK (and crush his choice!) and proceed to say, NO NO, DOCTOR like as though the son was given a choice for some scholarship of some sort on the spot! Like honestly for fucks sake really, this is suppose to be a FUN exercise for the kids – no matter what role THEY decide for themselves and not for a bloody over-bearing parent to realize HIS dream  instead. Guess some things in life won’t change.

#doctor #lawyer #engineer #professional

But back to Kidzania’s concept – KUDOS for only letting the kids in and deciding for themselves. Parents just have to quietly sit their kepoh asses outside of the ‘company’ and WAIT till their kid finishes the session. Which usually takes about 20 minutes or so. Of course, feel free to take countless photos like I did :D Just be prepared for annoying parents pushing their way around to take photos of their kids in action.

Compulsory shot standing in front of an Ambulance.

We moved on next to the supermarket section where Sairah decided to play both customer and cashier! This section was pretty empty, lol go figure.

Hmm, let’s go through this shopping list to see what I  need to buy.

And how much do I owe you for these groceries? Can I put em in my 555 note pad until pay day? :lol:

Gotta say, she really did enjoy checking out these grocery items as a cashier, and I”m pretty sure it has to do with her own checkout counter at home which we bought her.

The ground floor was quite crowded with school excursions (read: chaos thanks to teachers letting the kids behave in an unruly manner) so we decided to head upstairs…

Lo and behold – the bomba department was VERY popular among the kids and the role play looked absolutely interesting and realistic. There was a long Q for this so we decided to skip it.

Moving up, we came across Pharma Niaga which was empty. Of all the employees there, this lady was really hands on and made it super fun for Sairah.

Alright – let’s start making vitamins and medicines! But first, you need to suit up!

Aight, we’ll start with this side…

And slowly  move onto this side to get our vitamins out. Eventually Sairah came out with a packet of gummy-bear like sweet/vitamin. Well  played Pharma Niaga, well played, haha.

Then she moved on to bottling water. There was an Oreo and Cadbury ‘manufacturing’ company but unfortunately its only allowed for kids age 8 and above. In general, most booths cater to kids starting from 4 onwards..

This is how you bottle your own water..

Patiently waiting for her ‘hand-made’ water bottle to come out

Nothing like your own bottled water. She found this to be really fun.

There was also a vitagen factory!

Moved on to the hospital where Sairah chose to be a nurse. And I was calm as F unlike the other over-bearing parent because I”m cool like that :eek:

They were taught how to care for newborns like feed, change diapers and burp them which I thought was really cute. And let’s face it, if everyone wanted to be doctors, who would eventually get down to do these things hmm?!

Got to the Air Asia booth where she chose to play pilot. Have no idea what really went on as we were standing outside and couldn’t see. But I take it she had tons of fun as per the photo they captured while she was in action.

I asked her if she wanted to pilot the plane on our back to Melbourne and she said she was good at it so no problem mommy, haha.

Ground floor view from the top – very well decked up I have to say.

We finally moved on to the Pos Laju booth.

When you go to Pos Laju, do they REALLY do this welcome sign? :o

Photographer on stand by mode. So that you can end up paying RM30 per picture on your way out at the gift shop :wink:

Okay, I have 3 parcels that I need to deliver…

A map was given so we helped her a bit to find the address she needed to deliver.

Hello Kak, ada parcel ni, tolong ambik dan sign okay?

Half way through they had a dance performance in the middle of the stage so off she went to participate, lol.

Then we moved on to the CIMB vault where she was asked to collect a bag of money from 3 different companies.

Sign pls and gimme the money!

To run away with this bag of money or not?

Well baby girl, kinda pointless since ringgit is at an all-time low.

Okay okay, cheap shot joke! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Painting time to make things even more exciting.

Said RM30 photo we were talking about.

And that ends our wonderful trip out to Kidzania. There were tons of other companies that we had to forgo since kids are not allowed to leave the premise once  in and I desperately wanted to dine at our favorite Kim Gary :D All in we were there for a total of 3.5 hours and had fun regardless. Only grip would for Kidzania to let kids leave and come back within the day coz who the heck wants to lunch on premise when you have better restaurants in Curve #foodieproblems.

Overall, a highly recommended experience for the kids. Not too shabbily run either. But please parents – keep it fun by letting your kids decide for themselves which roles they want. It’s only PRETEND! And the fun part- they do get paid with ‘money’ for each tasks done coz hey, that’s what the working world is all about. An added bonus if you love what you’re doing :lol:

A Good-Looking 24/7 PA For Everyone

8 Sep

A Good-Looking 24/7 PA For Everyone

Being busy has become something of a phenomenon throughout the 21st Century, whereby busyness is not just a part of life but viewed as a measure of success. Many now believe they are too overloaded with their exhausting schedules to do the simple things like take holidays and socialize – with research conducted by The Economist finding that in Britain, 40% of managers worked more than 60 hours per week. Are people working too hard and not playing enough?

Whatever your opinion, everyone’s lives are becoming more hectic – technological advances, however, have the power to make these never ending days run smoother and put your mind at ease when you’re rushing for that train, on the school run or tweeting an important message to customers.

Of course, we’ve all read about wearable technology that can help you shed those Christmas pounds, keep us safe and now with the release of the Apple Watch making calls from your wrist. But for the assiduous type what about technology that can stop you forgetting the essentials?

A virtual PA would definitely take a load off your mind. A welcome safety net to stop you losing or misplacing things that could really ruin a day. Take THE O, for example, a new piece of wearable technology that is currently running a campaign on kickstarter – the coin-sized device can be attached to practically anything: keys, wallets, laptop chargers and passports or medical aid essentials. It can even be sewn onto fabrics or to your child’s favorite soft toy that somehow magically disappears from time to time.

Never ever misplace a key again with THE O! And we all know that some men (like mine) have issues with this. At least, with THE O – we can finally move on to fight about something else, hah.

And if you have a mom or grandma who sometimes misplace their handbags, THE O indeed is the perfect gift. I myself could do with THE O since just last month I had the misfortune of leaving a shopping bag behind on the train :(

Through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), THE O creates a virtual leash between all tagged belongings and the mobile app on the user’s smartphone. It then prevents you from leaving any important items behind by immediately triggering an alarm, when you go somewhere without it when you should have it. A clever second brain, if you will. Tags to prevent loss have gained ground with the success of Tile, ‘the world’s largest lost and found’. The new appealing value proposition of THE O is that the device interacts intelligently. The moment you leave the house for the office in the morning for example, the app understands what you need for your day and silently checks in the background if you have everything: Gym bag for your class in the afternoon? Laptop and notebook? Umbrella if there is rain in the afternoon? If you already have what you need, it is quiet. It only alerts you when something is missing.

The founders also point out the importance of design for this kind of new wearable technology. We combine the functional and emotional value with an elegant design that is based on intelligent shapes found in nature.” says Rose Wilson, founder of THE O with a background in luxury fashion design. And indeed, the key chain attachment that comes with the device is a precious piece of jewelry on its own.

Modern life makes us feel as if we have the power and endless capacity to be continually active. The pace of life has increased dramatically and we like it, so we crave it and now demand it. We need help though to keep up with our frenetic lifestyles, a gentle tap on the shoulder, a Post-it note on the fridge or better still a wearable tech mechanism that notifies you when you’ve left your purse on the kitchen table – this virtual PA really could save the day!

Sleek, the perfect size, and doesn’t ‘talk’ back until it needs to – hello there you lil good looking PA you.

THE O – BLE Accessoire

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology
  • App runs on iOS and Android
  • High level of water resistance in everyday life (IPX6)
  • Battery life: 18 months
  • Size: 3.5mm x 39mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 5.2g
  • Limited time pre-sales on kickstarter launching July 2015, starting at $12.25

About THE O
THE O ist a Wearable Tech brand of Coverton Limited, a UK-based startup. The founders and Managing Partners are Rose Wilson from London and Christian T. Zeiler from Vienna/Zurich. Both currently live in New York. The first version of  the product is being funded and distributed through kickstarter.

For more info on the product, do visit: //and stay connected via their social media for updates Facebook // Twitter

Support The O by checking out the Kickstarter campaign page here

Fancy Home-Made Baked Eggs

5 Sep

Fancy Home-Made Baked Eggs

Gonna pretend that I”ve been blogging diligently and jump right in…

Lately I’ve been obsessing over brunches here and just about every Melbourne cafe offers bloody fancy brunches! The one dish that really stood out for me in their menus were these sexy baked eggs that almost every cafes here have. I’d bloody boycott em if they didn’t offer this :lol:

These babies don’t come cheap of course, ranging anywhere from 18 bucks and above. Which in my books is pricey considering eggs are cheap in nature. So naturally, the cheapskate in me decided to recreate this at home and I was quite surprised how easy it is (and not to mention cheap!) to do it yourself.

DIY all the way baby.But that still won’t stop me from occasionally having it in a nice cafe, heh.

What you’ll need for these baked eggs as listed below and I should add, these make a fancy ass breakfast so go ahead and impress your other half.

Serves 2:

2 fresh eggs

some chopped white onions

2-3 clove garlic minced

handful of baby spinach

half a can of crushed tomatoes

half a can of heinz beans and I just love heinz’s spanish styled beans, goes great with this dish.

Some oregano, chopped chives, garlic powder, sugar, salt and pepper.

2 tablespoon extra sharp parmesan

Generous amount of tasty cheese.


1. Grease your ramekin with some butter and set aside. Sprinkle some tasty cheese so that when you dig to the bottom of your ramekin, you’ll get some gooey surprise.

2. In a pan, add some olive oil with a bit of butter and fry white onions until brown. Throw in garlic followed by baby spinach and then add in some generous amounts of garlic powder. Fry until leaves wilt.

3. Throw in half a can of crushed tomatoes followed by a dash of salt and black pepper. Add in one teaspoon of oregano and chopped chives. Add in one teaspoon of sugar to neutralize the sourness from the tomatoes (overall, get a can of quality crushed tomatoes or risk having a sour base). Let all simmer and get to know each other.

4. Add in half a can of baked beans and 2 teaspoon of sharp parmesan cheese. into the sauce and again cook until sauce thickens. Adjust seasoning accordingly – eg: more salt or garlic powder until the base taste good!

5. Once sauce is at a good consistency, scoop em into the ramekin until it reaches half the bowl.

6. Crack in one egg and let it cover the ramekin evenly, like so:

7. Top up with tasty cheese around the yolk but try to keep the yolk visible so that you can see if the eggs are cooked or not.

8. In a pre-heated oven of 180 degrees, add in your ramekin bowls for about 8 minutes (depending how you like your yolk) on the top tier layer and once cheese are melted and the yolk is cooked inside (if you like the yolks runny, keep it in a shorter time into the oven),take out the bowls and let it cool.

Sprinkle some chopped chives as garnish if you wish and WALA:

This is my less-cheesy version but hey let’s face it – cheese glorious cheese makes it all worth the effort doing this in the morning.

My fancy ass hipster brunch, lol all decked out with some buttered toasted sour dough bread with a cup of hot chai! Tell me you wouldn’t want to wake up to this??!

How this pot of egg looks once you’ve dug deep

Mmm mmm mmm best slabbed on that tasty toast and eaten warm!

I tell you – single most sexiest, heh, breakfast dish to make in the morning.

Then again, the real Malaysian in me would happily settle for a packet of nasi lemak as well :eek:

But for now, who needs to splurge Aud18 on a cafe-made baked eggs when I can make em myself, hmpf

Try it – you won’t regret it!

And yes you can add variance to it. Sometimes I fry up chopped cauliflower separately and add it into the mixture before it goes into the oven for that added crunch. You can also add in chopped chorizos or sausages. Instead of tomato based sauce you could also make it with pumpkin puree. Or perhaps mushroom sauce too? Basically leave it up to your creativity what ingredients you want in into those baked eggs. Just don’t asian-fy it and add bloody rice. I know you were thinking about it.

That is all :D

Her First Classical Dance Performance

7 Aug

Her First Classical Dance Performance

Logged into my dashboard after what seems like months only to find 50 spam comments – good try you assholes. Anyways, am updating coz my darling friend V sent me a reminder that my blog seemed so empty, heh.

Much have happened over the past month. From Sairah’s first classical dance performance in PUBLIC, to my short stint at work, to my health scare involving my heart, to Sairah’s aunt visiting us for the second time for close to a month, to saying bye to Grandma after staying with us for 3 months to yet another big decision the husband has taken.

So much updates. So lazy to blog. Woe. But understandably, no?

I’ll update stuff in order I suppose starting by my lil one’s performance!

It was probably the MOST intense day of my mommy hood (besides giving birth to her, haha)! We had so much to prepare and do and yes, no matter what sort of class you send your child to, as a parent you are indirectly part of it too!

Sairah has been going for Bharatanatyam class for close to 7 months now (I think!). My dad had always wanted us both to get involved in something classical but somehow for the life of us I just couldn’t imagine doing it. I never felt like I needed to (of course as a dancer you need to be poise and all that which were bloody traits I did’t have growing up as a damn tomboy – seen any classical dancers with short hair and looked like a boy anyone?!) until of course having a daughter and then moving to a foreign country – then all of a sudden it made sense to try to maintain and instill our culture in her. Could almost see my dad grin from one end to the other. And best of all, Sairah showed much interest in it from the get go so it wasn’t even like we were forcing her. She enjoys going for her dance class and I”m amazed how much more she learns in terms of getting to know Hindu Gods, sing out slokams (Indian hymns) and more. If you ask me- best $40 spent on a month on this kid, heh.

We had SO much to do on the few days leading up to the performance from getting her outfit done to shipping the accessories from India – bloody expensive affair I have to say.And to top it off, I was too scared to attempt to do her hair on my own that I had to engage someone to do it for 40 bucks.

Bye bye moolah.

I did however had the honors of doing her makeup. I was nervous as hell to be honest for something that wasn’t even rocket science! What if I mess up the eyeliner. What if I poke her eyes by accident? Does she need mascara? Oh god, now her eyelashes look like spider legs on her face, haha – so many tense moments. But together we over-came it (cue over dramatization).

Easy does it….don’t screw up mommy.

I didn’t feel the need to load up the foundation on her so I applied it very minimally but went all out to accentuate her eyes because I feel besides the dance move, how the eyes look and can express makes a dancer even more enthralling. Or is that just me? :D

Her most intense glare yet :lol:

We then quickly rushed to the lady’s house to get her hair done and I was quite nervous for Sairah. At the end of it all, this was how her hair ended up looking:

She had fake plaits added, tons of accessories and pins including fake flowers on her tiny lil head. It was definitely on the heavy side and all I could say was, please don’t come loose please don’t come loose coz I seriously wouldn’t have known how to fix it back. I”m just bad with hair.

Lucky for us it didn’t – and that’s what you get for spending $40 on hair people and not trying to DIY on first attempt.

Double checked on extra things to bring along and what seemed like hours, we went to the school to wait for her turn to perform.

Her dance teacher giving a peep talk while grandma and mommy fuss around – always what we do best, lol.

Okay, try not to mess up – got it!

Errr K.

After 45 minutes of chaos it was show time.

Let’s breathe innnn, and breathe outttt, all is well, all is well.


Then it was time to be on stage for all four tiny tots. For the very first time. In front of strangers. No room for jitters. Time to put those intense 2 months of training and translate it into a performance.

Love this Saraswathy pose taken by a friend.

Sairah looking a lil more relaxed and posey after the show. Cannot believe it took 5 hours of prep just for a 5 minutes performance. But of course, it was worth every minute of it.

Proud mommy and old man. As promised we took her out for ice cream after the show. Was quite surprised she was completely at ease on stage despite being a lil jittery initially.

There was an award ceremony as well which we didn’t stay behind for since it was getting late. Her teacher passed it on to her and we gladly highlighted her performance in her kinder book showcasing what she got up to during the school break.

Super proud of her – so proud that it was one of the rare days where I didn’t have any heart palpitations.

And of course I can’t sign off without sharing a video of her in action. Please do check it out here and tell me what you think.

Learning Numbers Game

28 Jun

Learning Numbers Game

Hello hello!

It’s currently school holidays here at the moment and we had a teacher-parent interview & end of term celebration at Sairah’s school whereby the teacher gave a break down on her lil achievements and over-all being in kinder up until now.

And I  have to say, from the sounds of it  - she’s quite a lil nerd in the making :lol: AND we’re proud parents, but of course. Will blog more in a different post but for now, her teacher said she’s showing huge interest in numbers and maths among others. She noted she could count well and recognize numbers up to 20 (most kids her age apparently can only get up to 10 we were told) but truth is, she already can count up to 100, with some little help of course.

I will say that preparing her what to expect in kinder has paid off in SO many more ways that I have imagined it would.  She loves going to kinder and infact she asks me if she can go everyday – like a true lil nerd, lol. I keep telling her to pleaseee keep up her need to learn until she hits Uni! Coz how many of us can say we enjoyed studying and doing all those assignments in University? Or was it just me who hated it with a vengeance?

Anyway, I just thought it would be nice to blog about a numbers game I played with Sairah before she started Kinder. I’m positively sure it will spark some interest in your lil ones when it comes to numbers. These photos were taken in December 2014, during summer, a month before the start of school and I can’t believe how ‘little’ she looks here.

Just yesterday while wearing my big flowy cardigan, I wrapped her around with it and said ‘look, you’re like a baby Kangaroo now in her mama’s pouch’.

She wiggled her way out of my cardigan, looked at me and guess what she said?

‘Mmooooom, it’s called a JOEY!!!’

Don’t know where to put my face. #whenyourkidteachesyou.

Baby kangaroo, joey – same same!

Moving on, let’s play a game!

I saw this on one of the many kiddie sites I”m subscribed to but I modified it a lil using a stroller – just because it was lying around her room and I just had to find a good way of using the damn thing to make her grandma’s $9 bucks worth it.

In a piece of paper (whatever shape you like), just write down the numbers big enough for your kid to see.

Throw them around on the floor in no particular order.

Get them to stand in a far end, with stroller in hand. No stroller? No problem – just use a bucket or they can even just use their bare hands.

See the excitement on her face?

Maths and numbers babyyyy!

Oh yea – let’s start learning!

Call out a number for her to recognize and pick – now stand back and watch your kid make a MAD dash for it. It’s not like I was even timing the whole game, haha.

Let’s gooooooo gooo gooo…..

Omg omg mom said to look for number 12.

There – FOUND IT!

Let me just put it in the stroller….

And head back to point A. Let’s go let’s go….time’s a ticking (when it’s really not!).

Let’s drop the number in the basket.

And of course when they’re done getting all those numbers into the basket, get them to bring it back to you. Just because :D

Let’s play again mom!

So far, I’ll give this game a 10 out of 10 because she never once got bored of it and it definitely sparked her interest in numbers. We would play at least 3-4 times each round. You could also modify by playing maths where you give a sum for them to solve and get them to pick the answer that’s lying on the ground.

Sounds easy peasy?

You bet.

And the best part? All that running around will definitely make em tired.

Learning and getting a good work out of it too?

Priceless I say. Now go play this game!

P.s: Finally blogged about something that I”ve been meaning to share since 6 months ago- hell yea! Please bear with me folks – I am still a lil busy at the moment as something exciting is about to happen next week *buat suspense for no reason*, heh.

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