Baby Chef

26 Aug

Baby Chef

There used to be a show on BabyTv called Baby Chef which was a hit with Sairah. I’m pretty sure it’s STILL aired on BabyTv. Lucky for us we’ve long ago abandoned that channel :)  You could say this post is inspired by that because up until today, I can’t shake the theme song off my head….baby chef baby chef…cooking is a lot fun…baby chef…fun for everyoneeee.  And it’s been 1.5 years or so since she last saw it :o  Naturally there’s more to that song too.

So here’s sharing a post that you could do with your own  lil munchkin as well as it’s easy and best of all less mess to deal with!

Most important step of em all: place baby chef on a high stool so even if they get bored of ‘cooking’ mid way, there’s no way of them escaping, lol. Ok I kid.

Peace all, this is gonna be easy as pieeee.

The ingredients you need are going to be fairly easy and you can customize em to fit your taste.

The key to a good easy peasy pizza base is this – Lebanese bread! Its a healthier version of course but most importantly it’s also light hence this shall be your thin-crust base!

You can saute up the filling yourself first. Husband seen here sauteing spinach with ricotta in the pan for me and ham bits for himself. In a separate pan of course.

Placing the bread in a pizza board or plate, get your lil one to spread some ready made tomato sauce with a spoon and get him/her to spread it evenly.

Here we’ve decided to use chicken slices and baby chef Sairah proceeds to place them evenly on the pizza base. Who am I kidding, we had to tell her many times to spread em EVENLY and not just put everything in the center.

Next, get them to sprinkle generous portions of Mozzarella cheese. This she had no problems at all coz hey, who doesn’t want cheese to be in every corner of their food.

And this is where you’ll probably tell your Baby Chef many times to remain professional and NOT eat the dang cheese just yet! Like so:

Baby Chef hygiene when preparing food – FAIL :lol:

We decided to make this half and half, so we got her to fill daddy’s half with some chopped stinky olives. Which I despise.

Baby Chef Sairah’s creation is allll ready to  hit the oven! Looks pretty good eh?

Here’s some other variants you could make too. If you can get yourself a box of dip (I got the roasted capsicum one that’s pretty spicy), just spread em as a base sauce for your pizza.

For a totally Indian dose, you can spice it up with some Jalapeno peppers!

And then top it off with some Moza and Colby cheese!

And the last variant is the spinach + ricotta mixture spread (sauteed first) 0n the bread and topped off with some Moza +Colby and with a few dollops of Ricotta. Mmm mmmm mama mia-ness extreme.

Bake em all in the oven (in our case we did it one by one) and this was the results:

Sairah’s pizza all cut into pieces ready to serve…

The spicy capsicum + jalapeno combo with some ham on other half belonging to the husband.

And last but not least, the spinach + ricotta combo.

Seriously yummy and light!

And most importantly, as you would tell your Baby Chef, no greater satisfaction comes from making your own food and now that you know how much trouble (or maybe not) your mother goes through to prepare your meals on a daily basis, you bloody learn to sit down quietly and eat it all no matter how ‘yucky’ it may be at times!

Like this:

Mmmm, I made this!

Definitely a good experience and lesson to every toddler out there. Try it and you just might inspire your kid to be the next MasterChef!

And She Starts Cooking Again

23 Aug

And She Starts Cooking Again

Has it been raining like crazy in KL past few days? Coz I’ve been cooking religiously (surprise surprise) :lol: and figured these were worth sharing since they are quite easy to put together. The first is Spinach Lasagna Rolls which were adapted from Giada and Laura Vitale. I decided to simplify the version and you can literally put them together quite fast for a real hearty Italian meal. On a side note, I am obsessing with any recipes that involves SPINACH. And it’s also toddler friendly since the greens get lost over the cheesy goodness that somehow even the most veggie-phobic  of toddlers (like mine) might not even know mommy has sneaked in some greens!

For this simplified recipe you’ll need:

5-6 large lasagna sheets, cooked in hot water for 4-5 minutes. Add in some salt and oil to ensure the sheets do not get stuck to each other. Keep aside.

In a pot, sautee half chopped white onions until translucent and add in baby spinach that is enough to use as filling for all 5-6 lasagna sheets. Cook until everything is wilted. Add in some pepper and salt.

Once cooked, transfer to a bowl and add in 3-4 tablespoon of Ricotta until spinach is coated well. More if your waistline can afford it. You may opt to add in some feta cheese too as it gives you a good balance of saltiness to the dish. I didn’t  have feta in the fridge so I left it out. But damn, feta would have been good. Maybe next time!

Taking your lasagna sheet, spread the mixture upwards and then roll them to mimic a cigar.

Spray your baking dish with some cooking oil and place all your rolls down next to each other until baking dish is filled. After which, get a bottle of yummy tomato sauce (any store made one will do or you could make your own) and spread them over the rolls until even. Then throw in generous portions of Mozzarella with a mix of Colby cheese (whichever cheese that tickles your fancy) and top it off with some sundried tomatoes (optional).

Bake under 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes until cheese is melted.

Like so:

Now cut them according to the rolls and SERVE these bad boys up! For a rough estimation, it takes about 2 rolls for an adult to get filled up. So although making 5-6 rolls seems little, it’s definitely not!

And savor the cheesy goodness that comes with the healthy stuffings!

YUM! Sumpah sedap! And definitely quite easy to make.

And moving on to something local, I was craving for something spicy and we had just bought a food processor a few days ago. So I decided to officiate the food processor by making sambal from scratch!

Here is the recipe if anyone is keen:

And this is the end result! I toned down the spiciness to 2 long chilies only because the husband cannot tolerate e anything too spicy but feel free to follow the recipe to the tee.

Being the lazy smart ass that I can be sometimes, I decided to add more water so I can get more paste/sambal out of it and stored the balance in the fridge. The next day, I simply sauteed one whole chopped onions, some capsicum, some chopped carrots and some beans in the paste and wala -an easy peasy dish for dinner! It took under 15 minutes to put everything together and it was even easier to clean up, naturally :)

Served with yummy taufu for a good dose of proteins. Won’t say its healthy since I fried it :)

A satisfying meal for sure!

Try em both! You won’t regret it…it’s as easy as easy gets, well except for making the sambal from scratch (oh and I freaking HATE peeling off the shell for the hard boil eggs!) but hey there is a certain degree of satisfaction that comes from making it from scratch. Yourself.

Damn. Never knew I’d see the day where I’d say something like that.

Oh well :lol:

Definitely A Filler Post :)

21 Aug

Definitely A Filler Post :)

While I draft what I really want to say :) Besides, who doesn’t like reading about what other people buy…I know I do, lol.

The other day we went shopping in Jusco to look see for a blouse for Sairah so she could wear it to a wedding dinner. And well if you’re  woman (and can hear yourself roar), you’ll know how it goes. Woman walks into mall with intentions of looking for something in particular. Half way the mission woman aborts the initial mission and gets distracted by all the shiny glittering stuff oooo shinyyyy and suddenly what you had earlier wanted to get becomes secondary just because woman cannot resist herself and ends up with more things she had earlier set out for. Woman goes home happy. Bank account is not. BUT. Woman is happy = everyone is happy. The end. Well you know how the story goes. Like I even need to tell y’all.

Though I don’t usually get Sairah’s clothes from Jusco (except for ‘house clothes’ which is totally a Malaysian thing to say, lol), I was impressed with some of the stuff they had to offer. So we ended up with these:

Chiffon like blouse from Seed (approx RM35) which I paired with these RM15 light green shorts. I love how the red gives a good contrast against the light green and matches it well. But the major highlight for me was the chiffon sleeves on the blouse which is something so rare in kiddie clothes.

DIGGING the shoes which my mom bought for her to wear to the wedding dinner. Prior to this, my poor child didn’t owe a single ‘formal’  shoes coz I’m convinced sandals are the way to roll…

Close up of the shoe which was bought in Bata. Where else! It was a lil under RM50 and according to Sairah, it’s pretty much comfie.

Full length look and she decided to style her own hair with this minnie like headband.

Still from Seed, we managed to snag this pretty white blouse that had cut-out details at the sleeves (approx RM35). And from the same RM15 shorts bin (when you shop at Jusco, sometimes the best deals are hands down from the ‘bin’ where you’ll have to dig dig dig!), we picked out this khaki like shorts to go with it. I love how casual and laid back this look is.

AND it gives a very sporty look like so. @ Mini Putt, Citta Mall

Some random shots and poses:

Use your blain, all the time!

Contemplation. Why is the world not flat.

With the same white seed blouse, I paired it with the skirt which I bought in H&M in Singapore. This was probably only SGD10, at the sale bin of course :lol: I’m all about the bins baby.

I”m the Boss look!

This was pretty much the outfit I wanted her to wear for the wedding dinner because it checks out in all the comfie checklist for a toddler.

Also adding to this post, is the Sofia The First dress which I got for her in Takashimaya in Singapore. Just about the only item I could afford there. But if you’re looking for Sofia The First apparels, you can get em locally here You are welcome. And I actually paid MORE for this same dress in Singapore coz it’s way cheaper in the website I just mentioned. Yes, I am upset about it.

When will my prince charming come…

Hahaha who needs a man. Gimme chocolates, ANYTIME

And being a typical woman, when the time came for the wedding,  I decided a dress would have been more appropriate so she ended up wearing a blue dress which was a gift from my friend and this dress was hung up prettily on the rack for quite a while now  :lol:  To think I could have saved some $ if we avoided going to Jusco. Oh woe.

Baby in a blue dress and Mommy in something traditional.

A grand wedding and dinner @ Hilton KL. Venue of my choice if I were to marry again :eek:

Where they hand out diamonds like candies to the guest. Okay I kid. And wish.

And yup, that just about wraps up the senseless shopping we did, which is one of the many that takes place every week, hah, coz why, I am woman – hear me freaking roar!


New Life

15 Aug

New Life

Sorry for the quiet blog. Figured I should pen something down before it turns into a month of silence. Which would make me a shitty blogger. Like I’m not one already. Plus I do see people checking back (why thank you!)

First of all, I’ve read all your comments AND emails too with regards to my previous post of not wanting to blog anymore and have decided that…..

Yea sure why not, I shall continue to blog then so long there are those who want to read my silly thoughts and adventures and somewhat show interest in that  :)

And I promise y’all that blogging on a frequent basis shall commence soon. Like really soon. Though I know I’ve said that before as well.

But first…..

A very important announcement.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of a new chapter for Sairah and I. While I cannot predict what might be the content of our new ‘book’ I do believe that life is often like a book. There are good chapters and there shall be bad chapters. But when you get to a bad chapter, you don’t stop reading the book coz if you do, then you’ll never get to find out what happens next.

And in some books, a happy ending is almost guaranteed.

I’d like to say I came up with this awesome quote, but no, so credit goes to Brian Falkner. Whoever the heck you are dude.

I would say tomorrow is probably chapter 2 coz the first chapter was probably ‘brewing’  in the last 6 months with many changes that we had to adapt and get used to but it’s finally somewhat set into gear, well more or less.

I guess this just about sums it all. Destination new life awaits us tomorrow.  Or rather Sunday morning.

Check back next week for the full story *que buat suspense song*

Hey I never once said this will be a straight forward kinda book so yea….just check back! Or if you can guess this one already, good on you mate :lol:

Of Late

21 Jul

Of Late

Oh hi, hello.

12 days since my last update. Who’s counting anyway.

Of late I”ve been feeling very demotivated to blog or put my thoughts down. So I tend to talk to myself in my head all the time. It’s like the perfect place ever to live in since no one talks or fights back, haha. The thought of shutting down this blog has also crossed my mind. Not sure if I’ll be doing that any time soon, esp when I have some big news to reveal. But who knows, I might.

Can you guess what it might be? And please don’t go looking at my fat bloated tummy to figure it out! It’s.just.BLOATED! I swear.

This is what I’ve been up to of late and I gotta say, last week was pretty happening for me with meet ups and what not!

Since I do have kind friends who did miss me while I was away for a month, I did some meet ups with them.

This was in Thirdwave in Nexus, Bangsar South last Tuesday to catch up on news and life updates with my Hot Mama friends (they were previously my blog readers whom I have since become close friends with. I have technically lost 3 blog readers because now they get first dips on updates via whatsapp and our meet ups, lol). And funny part is, we tend to meet up more without the kids just because it’s a whole lotta more fun that way :D Mommies need their time away from their munckins once in a while too!

We even squeezed in a pampering session for our feet! I promised them I wouldn’t upload this on Facebook but no one said I couldn’t upload it here so :eek:

On Wednesday, I finally had a nice long over-due session of meeting the woman behind Just Me, The Mrs ! I’ve known her for a while now as we read each other’s blogs and we had often email/whatsapp each other. She was kind enough to come show me some support when my dad passed away, so it was sooo nice to finally sit down at Coffeebean to catch up properly face to face and get to know each other more! I most definitely had so much fun and am looking forward to our next meet up!

No photo coz she prefers to remain anonymous :D Do check out her blog though!

On Thursday, I caught up with an ex -colleague who now has become a close friend in La Boca in Pavilion.  Again, no photos to share coz we were busy updating each other just about everything under the sun. Note to self, it ain’t hard to take 10 seconds off chattering to take a selfie of some sort I guess. But major note to self – AVOID KL city like a plague going forward coz I wasn’t too pleased to get stuck in traffic for a good 45 minutes each way. I do love my friends, but not to the extend of putting up with shitty traffic just to go see them, heh :lol:  Roads have officially gone haywire in the city what with roadworks and all that. What’s new all over KL though. I am however super glad I don’t work there anymore. It’s hard to digest that it’s been 8 months since I left the working world which I don’t miss one bit. Well except the money which usually can be fixed after nagging the husband into giving me some, lol. Story of my life.

That same night, just when I was about to go to sleep I saw a chilling Facebook update by a friend about what had happened to flight MH17. And you have no idea how I felt esp since when I was flying out to Singapore the very next morning. It may have been just a short tiny flight but it definitely plays on your mind and I can only imagine how excited those on board must have been before boarding that ill fated flight, how they would have gone through immigration and the works without having an ounce of idea what would happen to them in the next hours. I can only pray that they didn’t suffer much when it happened and that their souls be at peace. Justice needs to be served and I do hope the Malaysian government (no matter how much I don’t think highly of) will not brush this issue aside at any cost. KLIA was most certainly in a very somber mood esp when news about MH17 was being blasted at every corner. It’s been very hard to accept what has happened, esp when flights to Amsterdam-KL is an extremely common commercial route. One of my husband’s ex colleague was on board that ill fated flight and my cousin and a friend each had an ex classmate on board too. That said, I do have a long haul fight (if you call under 10 hours long but it is when you’re travelling with a toddler alone!) with MAS soon and we had actually booked it just one day before the incident. While this is no way MAS’s fault,  people can’t help but feel that the airlines is jinxed (something to do with the number 7 they say) and that if it can happen twice now, there will be a third time they justify.

I don’t know about that since I’m not GOD and cannot predict the future. To me, I often feel whatever happens is pretty much written by the man above, no matter how cruel it can be sometimes. If something bad is bound to happen, it will happen regardless. Be it on a MAS flight or in some other ways. When we heard MAS was offering full refunds on flights booked until end of this year, I have to say, it was somewhat tempting but I figured I shall leave it all to HIS hands. This will still not deter me from travelling or going on any flights and to stupid people who say ‘this is why I don’t travel much’ – well you’re a dumb arse. Kindly continue to rot in KL and think its the best city to live in everrr, thank you.

Nevertheless, I have never failed to offer a prayer to HIM asking him to guide us and to be with us until we arrive safely to our destination. Somethings in life you have no control over true, but that shouldn’t stop you from praying just because, you can!

Moving on…

If you’re ever in Singapore, Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate is a MUST visit! Their desserts are just O.M.G amazing. Well done for a local chain I have to say.

While I didn’t enjoy our day trip to Singapore last year, it was different this time since I went around shopping with a friend who has been living there for the past 5 years. We took the train, cab and bus to get around and public transportation in SG is highly impressive and probably comes in second best compared to Hong Kong.  She needed to do some baby shopping since she’s due soon so it was certainly my pleasure to be there edging her on to buy unnecessarily cute baby clothes! People often tell me I’m a very bad influence when it comes to shopping but I do take that as a compliment why thank you very much :)

I wasn’t impressed much with the Great Singapore Sale but I did have fun walking into just about every high end stores there because the SAs don’t judge (unlike the snotty ones in KL) and are of great help to you even if you’re dressed like you can’t afford it.

Like so.

The Prada double zip tote IS my dream bag at the moment. And one day it shall be mineeee!

SGD2.3k only maam :lol:

The only time I wouldn’t mind being Singaporean, heh.

Literally got back around 11.30pm on both nights from the malls, squeezed in a pampering feet treat while watching 2000 Pound Beauty (awesome Korean movie!), ate junk food for lunch (and which was quite evident with bloated tums) and definitely had a ton of fun with our girl oh I mean married woman talk :D

Sunday arrived too quickly so it was time to say bye!

@ Changi Airport. Oh and you know you’re becoming a shitty blogger when you fail to take out your proper camera and instead just use the lousy phone camera to take pictures. Woe.

I only came home with 2 items and both belong to Sairah! Didn’t even get anything for myself.

Me mama left me behind for 2 nights but hey look what she got me from Singapore?

Later that night on Sunday we went out for an early birthday celebration since my mom turns all of 59 today!

@ Souled Out, Nexus

From the kiddie menu and I thought it was rather cute that they made the mash and sausages into a bunny rabbit. Certainly a meal that caught her attention! Like most meals I suppose, haha.

Imma bunny destroyer and Imma gonna eat your ears first!

We certainly missed Daddy even more and as someone said, every birthdays and events henceforth without him is certainly quite painful.

And that is all the updates I can give for now. If anyone even cares.

Till then, toodles.

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