The Un-glam Un-Tai Tai Lifestyle

31 Oct

The Un-glam Un-Tai Tai Lifestyle

Today marks my one year of leaving the corporate world.

Time flies? Like I’ve not mention this like a billion times already coz it’s true!

Sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday that I tendered in my resignation after staying there for close to 8 years. 8 years is a long time. Heck even my marriage isn’t at that age. Yet.

Anyway, since quitting, I have a friend who would  call me as having the ‘tai-tai’ lifestyle.  And many times I have to assure her that I”m totally the UNGLAM version which makes me none.  In short, a woman who doesn’t work and who depends on her hubby (okay maybe not all of em), Also, tai-tais usually lead a more glamour-fied lifestyle – think fancy lunches and meet ups in fancy hotels in their finest hair do and outfit. In a nut shell, operative word here is FANCY.

Now, I have NO idea where the tai tai lifestyle fits into my boring old poor life. In any case, it’s farrr from it. Unlike some of my ex-classmates who DO lead the tai-tai lifestyle by having brunches and hi tea in posh hotels (think Majestic and the works), my breakfast consist of just coffee. At home. Unlike some of these tai-tais who leave their kids with their nannies as they go on a ‘girl’s night out’ painting the town red with their fancy outfits, I’m stuck at home with the lil one and have my meet ups with others during the day. Most times, I drag Sairah along. Perhaps there are perks in marrying older financially more stabled men *shrugs*

And I just realized I don’t even own fancy clothes. Sob.

Like I said hardly. Poor’s man’s version of a tai tai and the only thing we have in common is the fact that we don’t work or contribute anything to the government (which is so totally fine by me, heh).

To proof my point, here are photos of my very un-glam un-tai tai lifestyle on a day to day basis. And I was also ’single’ at this point since the hubby had already left to Melbourne. This was of course, back in Malaysia. Lifestyle here is a lil different (but still unglam and untai-tai-ish lor) which I will blog soon of course.

So what is it that we do for most parts of the day.

Let’s see….we sleep alot :D I think I’m quite rested in the past months since quitting my job because I do sleep in really late (youtube videos baby!) and naturally also wake up late (tho I have to say, it’s not like my undereye bags are any lighter, blast it) Helps that my little one also loves sleeping.

A typical day consist of going out for a few hours. Don’t judge. It’s mostly on every other day or when I have vouchers to redeem. It’s the best time also to head to the malls on weekdays because there aren’t that many people around compared to the mall crowds on a weekend. Weekend is the only time we’re not out at the malls so it balances it out. For real. I cannot stand weekend crowds in the  malls. They bother me. Even some times the weekday crowd gets to me coz of inconsiderate idiots around.

And as always, outings are usually for the lil one, like how she enjoys going to the arcade once in a while to play.

In shabby unglam clothes carrying plastic bag! If I”m not mistaken this blouse was bought on Ebay UK. Second hand sumore!

Horsie ride @ Curve

I”m an ice cream seller @ MV

I”m a pilot @ Paradigm Mall. And she just HAD to go on this three times too coz grandma was around and was willing to pay RM2 per ride!

Jump jump jump @ The School, Jaya One.

FREE, of course.

We eat out alot too. Just because there’s more time to move around freely. Also, we already knew we were moving so technically I was trying to make the best of it by eating all the food we  might miss and also to spend time with my mom. :D Incase you’re wondering and I already know you are!

@ Dave’s Deli, One Utama. I miss Dave’s Deli food, grrr! Sairah is obsessed with their mashed potato. One of the better ones around in KL.

Satay run @ Papparich which fast became a favorite hang out joint before we left to OZ :D

Also one of our favorite coffee joint @ The Library. Since both Papparich and The Library is under one roof, heh.

@ Delicious, BV. Kids eat for free yo, heh.

@ Gastronomy 321 Square. Eating tomato is just for show

@ Detectable by Su. And yes this was from a Living Social voucher :) I must have stocked up a good 6 vouchers!

@Tutti Frutti, Empire

GROUPON DEAL. @ Lecka Lecka, E-Curve. Excuse the bad fringe, mommy’s fault, oops.

@ Red Mango, MV. As you can see the trend here, we tried to cover some yogurt/ice cream joints.

@ Oh My Gas, Gardens …watching her ice cream being made. Did stock up on their vouchers and must have gone a good 4-5 times. I highly recommend their coffee, yums!

@ Moo Cow, buy 1 free 1 deal every 15th of each month :D

Ok la enough useless food photos!

A real tai tai would be spending money away. A poor ‘tai tai’ just window shops.

Like so.

You like the jacket kid? Good me too, now let’s put it back, I ain’t splurging rm100 on it!

RM60 for this Jusco jacket? HELL NO, quickly give me a quick pose and let’s put it back, it’s too expensive!

You get the drill kiddo. Put.It.Back.NOW!

Same goes with all the toys she touches and simply must have. Actually wait, I do tell her to put it into her ‘birthday list’ and wait to get it then. Of course I’m a 1000% confident that by the time her birthday comes she will not remember half the stuff she wanted in her ‘list’.

Occasionally, we might shop. When we see a good deal. Like this one time from Victoria Secret @ Curve

But I have vowed never to shop at our local VS stores because despite spending quite a bit that day in their store, these people had zero samples or freebies to spare us ANDDD I went home and opened my box of perfume only to realize the bottle was half leaky!! With all that trouble of driving back to curve that night and braving the effin traffic, they still couldn’t give us anything to compensate. So F you la, imma taking my hard earned money else where.

Am I a typical Malaysian for expecting freebies then??? Shame on me.

Uh oh, somebody’s gonna get in trouble with Daddy.

Oh and before I forget, I wanted to share about this deal from Peacocks. If you do a first time purchase of items close to RM200, you can become a member which will give you a 50% discount store wide (on normal merchandise yo) on your birthday month! Meaning, you’ll be able to shop for RM1k worth of clothes in Peacocks and simply just pay RM500.

Sounds like a fab deal? I’d like to fucking think so. You can thank my sis since she became the member and didn’t find anything interesting in store hence I was lucky enough to take over the 50% privilege :D

I would highly suggest their jeans because it’s designed for Indian hips and ours certainly don’t lie!

I went over the budget a lil by shopping on their already discounted stuff. But all that was in preparation for our move here. *shifty eyes*

Weekday shopping brings you the best bargains.

Also went to Sephora (one too many times) and decided to splurge on this Too Faced palette. This is a must have for all you brown sistas out there coz not only are the colors pigmented, they actually smell of CHOCOLATE! I don’t usually splurge on makeup this much but when I do, it will last me a life-time. For sure!

Then occasionally we pull a tantrum so grandma would cave in and buy a minnie soft toy.

Like so:

Tantrums and crying in public – a guaranteed way of getting what you want with grandparents. True story.

For most parts, we just cam-whore away in the malls, eat and drink lots of coffee.

@ Dorothy Perkins while we wait for aunty to try out her clothes

@ Borders killing time as we wait to watch our movie. Yup, we caught up with quite a bit of movies using the cheap Wednesday deals at GSC in Gardens. Just so we could avoid the different type of idiots in GSC MV :)

@ Gardens, just bumming.

Free reading at Borders. Helps that a Starbucks is just around the corner :)

@ Curve. I call this the shaniqueee look. Totally Bronx-ed out, hahaha.

If I were a tai tai, naturally I’d be doing my nails at Boudoir always since it screams glam! But no, my nail trips consist of one toddler tagging along, like so:

Oh hai, just here to help pick out the colors (which she ALWAYS insist on doing)

Before putting her legs up and making herself super comfortable. The horror.

Just some of the end results thanks to Sairah’s color choices. General rule is simple – she gets to pick just ONE color which I will put on my thumb or big toe.

Like this…

And that…

Occasionally, according to Miss Sairah, I am allowed to have one color for all.

Oh and as an unglam tai tai, I do not shop at higher end supermarkets. Well perhaps just to window shop.

Grocery shopping time @ Giant. Always fun for her to be in charge of the basket/trolley.

Of course, we did a whole alot of other unglam stuff too but I’m highlighting these coz I took photos, heh.

The bestest part of our outings is seeing her smile happily of course…

And then doze off, giving us absolute peace and quiet on the way home, heh.

To an unglam un-tai tai lifestyle – wouldn’t want it any way else.

P.s: A lil more moneh wouldn’t hurt.

Three. Three

28 Oct

Three. Three

That’s how old I am this year. And will be until October 2015 that is.

Some say I still look young for my age *cough cough*

And then there’s party poppers like my husband, who has successfully pointed out the amount of greys that seem to be rapidly sprouting like rabbies on this mop of mine and I remind him its because of the amount of stress he inflicts on me.

I could either take his money and go get it colored here (which will cost him quite a bit, heh), or I could just grow em out giving me a unique identity and look as cool as Storm.

Decisions decisions.

Also there’s this theory of mine which believes that grey strands = wisdom and god knows I have plenty of it to the point I should be fuckin Dear Aunt Agony or something :D

Compulsory selfie with my baby bear after my birthday dinner at a Thai Restaurant yesterday.

Note to self: get that kid’s fringe cut asap!

Both father and daughter plonked down on the dining table on Sunday night and proceeded to make this birthday card and as much as I could hear Sairah talk about the card telling her father to keep it a SECRET and how mommy’s going to be SO excited when she sees it, I just played along the very next day making that kid feel like I was really that dumb, blind AND deaf (she must think I”m THAT ancient) enough not to see them work on my card the night before or even hear their conversation about the card.

Things I gotta pretend to do around here, hah. Its true they say that motherhood makes you lie and say things you never would to another adult (like how a ‘momok’ will take you away if you don’t sleep now!) and how you have to become a shitty actress sometimes, hah.

But I’ll give that kid A++ in effort and arts because she has been taking her art/painting very seriously and can somewhat paint within the lines now.

Yes officer, I can paint within the lines now.

The card just about sums up what I want right now in life, lol mid 30s crisis if you must. But it’s not like I”m getting it anytime soon due to money. Money seriously is the biggest hindrance in mankind in attaining what your heart desires,lol. Woe.

But jokes aside, I want world peace and to end world hunger.

No wait, I want my birth country to be sane again and be what i remember it as growing up.

Sounds like a bloody good wish don’t you think?

And yea I’m getting a bag this year though I”m not sure which one yet. I have a strict budget to follow but I’ve yet to research and decide on one.

Maybe I don’t really want a bag. I don’t know what I want sometimes. See told you, mid 30s crisis.

Anyho,it’s been a while since I cut a cake and I got to do just that at a friend’s place where we had a Deepavali gathering on Sunday.

All that Indian food. And I made 4 of it. Hell yea!

Not sure who’s birthday cake that is, haha. Make a wish Shan!

Just check out the excitement on Sairah’s face and her determination to kill the lighted candle.

If you zoom in close enough, you’ll be able to see my ’silver highlights’

Chocolate cake….making kids happy since the birth of it.

Mother of two for the day, haha.

A we-fie coz it would be a sin not to.

The painting the kids did.

And oh on my birthday I decided to bake something. I’ve seen this recipe floating around on some blogs and decided why not. Two simple ingredients to make this baby and to make someone super happy for tea time snack.

Nutella + Puff Pastry Sheet = Nutella Croissant.

The french must hate us lots now.

It was SO GOOD! Everything is good with Nutella in it yo.


Nothing more satisfying than to see a happy kid on my Birthday. And I lied, we had this right after lunch! Would be a sin to let it sit and wait until tea time, no?

Now to go research on my bag or pick an alternate gift.

I am after all a woman, heh.

To Thirty Three *flicks silver strands of hair*

A Year Ago, On This Date

23 Oct

A Year Ago, On This Date

It’s Deepavali here today and reflecting back on this very same date a year ago brings tears to my eyes because it was the day my dad had to go through something so horrific which set the tone for the dark months ahead. It was the start of everything dwindling down for him and us as a family.

Reading this right here remains as emotional as I first wrote it a year back.  We were all thankful that he came out of it and the subsequent attack but when I look at it whole, I keep asking myself,why did this terrible thing just had to befall us and put us through so much as a unit.

I still have no answers why despite it being close to 8 months now. 8 months on the dot on 27th of October. On my Birthday.

I still remember on my birthday last year, my dad who was the type to show more love with actions instead of words actually sent me this:

‘This is the happiest birthday present you gave me. This day I am alive. Thank you, happy birthday, mom and I love you, Sairah and Anand.

I wish I was back to one sometimes.

Bothers me that I”ll never get a wish from him again. Which is why I will cherish this forever.

Sometimes I’m so afraid Sairah will forget her grandpa that it bothers me. Which is why I remind her of him everyday and she starts and ends the day by wishing him a good morning and good night. Because I do want her to have him in her thoughts at the start and end of the day.

She misses him I’m sure. But I’m just afraid eventually memories of her grandpa might fade away or become a distant memory and that thought frightens me.

8 months on, we are living and getting through each day at a time. I think we all are just pushing forward, for the sake of it. It’s tough.

It’s so unfair how his life ended when we were just about to start a new life here.

But I’ve been told,that’s how life rolls sometimes and you can’t do anything about it except march on.

Sometimes, it really feels like you’ve not left and you appearing in dreams looking all healthy and happy and telling us that you are gives us some form of comfort. Because it is indeed, some form of closure. You are without a doubt, next to GOD.

We miss you Daddy. We really do miss your I-Know-It-All character, you were always right and so confident about everything you spoke about  that I never knew it was possible for a person to be that spot on.

And keeping up with the tradition, we went to the temple yesterday here and I hope you heard our prayers.

Some South Indian food to reflect home

Come end of October will also mark my one year of turning vegetarian coz it was during dad’s attack last year that I took a vow to turn vegetarian for a year in exchange of him pulling through the episode. Many have asked why am I still continuing this since he eventually did pass on, that I should just break it. But I’ve always believed that what you promise HIM should be kept, despite the changes in situation and technically my father did pull through the first two attacks when I made that vow then.

I am still undecided if I will break away from being vegetarian come month end.

But more importantly, I cannot fathom how one year has since gone by so quickly.


How I wish I could rewind you.

Rich Spinach Pesto Pasta Recipe

10 Oct

Rich Spinach Pesto Pasta Recipe

So there’s this one recipe of mine which gets made in our household at least once a week coz we all tend to crave for it at some point, hehe. It came about after I was inspired to become more of a ’sneaky chef’ thanks to someone’s resistance over vegs. So if you have a toddler who’s in the same boat as mine, I highly recommend your try this recipe out. If you love rich pasta with creamy sauce, I also highly recommend you try this recipe out. If you love cheese, I highly recommend you try this recipe out. If you prefer simple and easy cooking, I highly recommend you try this recipe out.

In short, try this recipe out la wei.

The ingredients are pretty basis. You only need onions (or garlic will do), one cup or whole bottle of thickened/ whipping cream, milk, baby spinach or spinach, shredded cheese, prepared pesto (feel free to make your own) together with some additional spices. Its amazing how these simple ingredients can put together such a rich comfort food. But at the same time, simple ingredients sometimes can be the hardest to make-take aglio olio for instance – the recipe screams EASY as stealing candy from a baby yet its not exactly the easiest recipe to put together. The irony.

Also a note, I’ve prepared these using both full cream option and also using low-fat whipping cream and skim milk option – both ways have come out decent so if you’re concern with calorie count, try the low-fat/skim option!

I didn’t really take a full pictorial guide but nevertheless, first step is to add one tablespoon butter with some olive oil and fry about one small chopped onions until aromatic. I would suggest white onion as they go better with Italian cooking.

Good old red onion (oh bawang merah!) would do too otherwise.

Once done, add in one cup baby spinach and fry until its soft! Though most times I use this method, I have also added one small clove garlic, baby spinach , olive oil and some water into the food processor before I bring it to the pan because that truly dissolves or leaves (pun har har) no spinach trails but I noticed with this method, the end results become less thick so if you prefer your sauce not thick,I would recommend this method.

This is how green your pot will look like before adding it the whipping cream with the food-processing method! Bound to scare any toddler away, lol.

Back to the other method, once your spinach is soft, add in one cup whipping cream or the whole 300ml bottle into the pot. Then add in one cup milk. You can add in some pepper, very little salt (salty bits will come from the cheese), generous amounts of garlic powder coupled with some dashes of oregano leaves. But if you don’t have these, just good old black pepper and salt will do.

Stir the pot and after 30 seconds, add in 5-6 tablespoon of good quality prepared pesto. You may opt to make your own pesto if time and hard-working-ness is on your side. You may want to taste along as you go, sometimes even 4 tablespoon will do depending on the quality of your pesto. Let it all simmer on low heat for a bit.

Then add in 1-1.5 cup shredded cheese and stir stir stir for a good 10-12 minutes until the sauce thickens up. I usually put in one cup cheese first and then follow up with another half if I feel like it.  The key is stirring the sauce and to let it simmer with low heat until it thickens up. For this sauce to taste well, it has to thicken up. Easy as pie.

Taste along and adjust with black pepper, salt and more cheese if necessary.

This is the type of sauce consistency we’re going after. THICK and RICH. Coz which woman doesn’t like that combination :lol:

Of course don’t forget to boil your favorite pasta and once that’s ready, pour it into the sauce and coat all the pasta together.

And serve, like so:

This is what usually happens when I make this:

Oh, are you cooking what I think it is?

Is my pasta ready yet?? Is my pasta ready yet??

I do think the best pasta for creamy sauces are penne so that’s what we usually have it with. Because the sauce is rich, it basically soaks up into the penne and you don’t really have to put lots of sauce onto the plate.

Yay, mom made my favorite pasta!

Yum! I usually boil more penne so that there’s leftovers for the hubby to take to work and for Sairah to have for lunch the next day, which she gladly eats em all. And because the spinach becomes pretty soft from all that boiling, the rich thick sauce masks its existence in the plate making any veg hating toddlers an instant fan.

Like so. She always asks for second helping!

And this is how the sauce looks from the food-processing method…topped it off with some ham for the hubby or if you prefer some meat into the pasta.

I read somewhere that true Italians believe that pastas are best eaten plain only with the sauce because the focus is with the freshness of the pasta and the star which is the sauce and Sairah and I cannot agree more.

Yup, we were probably Italians in our former birth.

Then again, the Italians will probably  hate me for over-boiling the sauce and for not preparing fresh pasta. Heh.

All in due time I say.

For now *pats belly*

Buon Appetito!

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

7 Oct

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

I can never say no to voucher deals so even though I”m miles away from my Groupon and Living Social in Malaysia, I still keep myself updated with the deals back home AND I’ve started subscribing to the local Groupon and Scoopon deals here as well! Might as well right? :D

I spotted the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park deal on Scoopon sometime ago and decided it was a good start for Sairah to check out some animals and the fact that it’s a sanctuary also means that you’ll see some animals roaming around freely.

Victoria in every essence is really HUGE so even if you drive close to 1.5 hours you’re still in the same state. Which is why, the husband says every car here carries a high mileage for obvious reasons.

Anyway, after 1.5 hours drive with an overly eager toddler and her ‘are we there yet to see the animals’ and ‘why so longgggg’, we arrived the sanctuary.

First animal to welcome us were the dingoes.

Followed by Mr Koala.

Yay, we’re finally here!

I love how open the sanctuary really is with birds roaming about the area. They are friendly, tame and definitely most welcome you into feeding them with bird food which you can purchase at the counter.

It wasn’t a busy day so we had the entire sanctuary to ourselves.

A cute lil fattie wombat

So cute that the lil one was tempted to take him home. And no you can’t buy em at the pet shop either – had to remind her several times they were not up for sale, lol.

The sanctuary stretches for about only 1.2 km and there were trails at every corner for you to explore.

Oh look a Kangaroo just chilling in the middle of the trail and waiting for food!

Sairah was brave enough to offer some food with her hands…

And that was the look of disgust after she realized how much saliva the kangaroo left on her hands in return, haha.


The husband getting cosy with the kangaroos.

Can’t say I’ve seen birds of this blue shade…it was pretty electrifying.

Can’t recall what bird this was but it must be a very old one coz it looks shriveled and grumpy :lol: Just like our Indian men after a certain age, oops, haha.

Had a good laugh when I saw that sign coz I turned to the husband and said, hey look, your twin is here :lol:

Can’t say he was pleased :eek:

Malaysian devil hanging out with the Tasmanian Devil

Not the most productive devils around I gotta say.

Open space!

And a lake!

Where to explore next?

To feed the ducks it is.

I’ll just chill here while daddy feeds his relatives.

Sairah ending the trail walk with a cat-walk, haha, they say practice makes perfect and anywhere makes a perfect spot to practice, haha.

And what more to end the sanctuary trip by playing in their playground…

Esp when the weather was perfect.

Peace out!

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