Her First Classical Dance Performance

7 Aug

Her First Classical Dance Performance

Logged into my dashboard after what seems like months only to find 50 spam comments – good try you assholes. Anyways, am updating coz my darling friend V sent me a reminder that my blog seemed so empty, heh.

Much have happened over the past month. From Sairah’s first classical dance performance in PUBLIC, to my short stint at work, to my health scare involving my heart, to Sairah’s aunt visiting us for the second time for close to a month, to saying bye to Grandma after staying with us for 3 months to yet another big decision the husband has taken.

So much updates. So lazy to blog. Woe. But understandably, no?

I’ll update stuff in order I suppose starting by my lil one’s performance!

It was probably the MOST intense day of my mommy hood (besides giving birth to her, haha)! We had so much to prepare and do and yes, no matter what sort of class you send your child to, as a parent you are indirectly part of it too!

Sairah has been going for Bharatanatyam class for close to 7 months now (I think!). My dad had always wanted us both to get involved in something classical but somehow for the life of us I just couldn’t imagine doing it. I never felt like I needed to (of course as a dancer you need to be poise and all that which were bloody traits I did’t have growing up as a damn tomboy – seen any classical dancers with short hair and looked like a boy anyone?!) until of course having a daughter and then moving to a foreign country – then all of a sudden it made sense to try to maintain and instill our culture in her. Could almost see my dad grin from one end to the other. And best of all, Sairah showed much interest in it from the get go so it wasn’t even like we were forcing her. She enjoys going for her dance class and I”m amazed how much more she learns in terms of getting to know Hindu Gods, sing out slokams (Indian hymns) and more. If you ask me- best $40 spent on a month on this kid, heh.

We had SO much to do on the few days leading up to the performance from getting her outfit done to shipping the accessories from India – bloody expensive affair I have to say.And to top it off, I was too scared to attempt to do her hair on my own that I had to engage someone to do it for 40 bucks.

Bye bye moolah.

I did however had the honors of doing her makeup. I was nervous as hell to be honest for something that wasn’t even rocket science! What if I mess up the eyeliner. What if I poke her eyes by accident? Does she need mascara? Oh god, now her eyelashes look like spider legs on her face, haha – so many tense moments. But together we over-came it (cue over dramatization).

Easy does it….don’t screw up mommy.

I didn’t feel the need to load up the foundation on her so I applied it very minimally but went all out to accentuate her eyes because I feel besides the dance move, how the eyes look and can express makes a dancer even more enthralling. Or is that just me? :D

Her most intense glare yet :lol:

We then quickly rushed to the lady’s house to get her hair done and I was quite nervous for Sairah. At the end of it all, this was how her hair ended up looking:

She had fake plaits added, tons of accessories and pins including fake flowers on her tiny lil head. It was definitely on the heavy side and all I could say was, please don’t come loose please don’t come loose coz I seriously wouldn’t have known how to fix it back. I”m just bad with hair.

Lucky for us it didn’t – and that’s what you get for spending $40 on hair people and not trying to DIY on first attempt.

Double checked on extra things to bring along and what seemed like hours, we went to the school to wait for her turn to perform.

Her dance teacher giving a peep talk while grandma and mommy fuss around – always what we do best, lol.

Okay, try not to mess up – got it!

Errr K.

After 45 minutes of chaos it was show time.

Let’s breathe innnn, and breathe outttt, all is well, all is well.


Then it was time to be on stage for all four tiny tots. For the very first time. In front of strangers. No room for jitters. Time to put those intense 2 months of training and translate it into a performance.

Love this Saraswathy pose taken by a friend.

Sairah looking a lil more relaxed and posey after the show. Cannot believe it took 5 hours of prep just for a 5 minutes performance. But of course, it was worth every minute of it.

Proud mommy and old man. As promised we took her out for ice cream after the show. Was quite surprised she was completely at ease on stage despite being a lil jittery initially.

There was an award ceremony as well which we didn’t stay behind for since it was getting late. Her teacher passed it on to her and we gladly highlighted her performance in her kinder book showcasing what she got up to during the school break.

Super proud of her – so proud that it was one of the rare days where I didn’t have any heart palpitations.

And of course I can’t sign off without sharing a video of her in action. Please do check it out here and tell me what you think.

Learning Numbers Game

28 Jun

Learning Numbers Game

Hello hello!

It’s currently school holidays here at the moment and we had a teacher-parent interview & end of term celebration at Sairah’s school whereby the teacher gave a break down on her lil achievements and over-all being in kinder up until now.

And I  have to say, from the sounds of it  - she’s quite a lil nerd in the making :lol: AND we’re proud parents, but of course. Will blog more in a different post but for now, her teacher said she’s showing huge interest in numbers and maths among others. She noted she could count well and recognize numbers up to 20 (most kids her age apparently can only get up to 10 we were told) but truth is, she already can count up to 100, with some little help of course.

I will say that preparing her what to expect in kinder has paid off in SO many more ways that I have imagined it would.  She loves going to kinder and infact she asks me if she can go everyday – like a true lil nerd, lol. I keep telling her to pleaseee keep up her need to learn until she hits Uni! Coz how many of us can say we enjoyed studying and doing all those assignments in University? Or was it just me who hated it with a vengeance?

Anyway, I just thought it would be nice to blog about a numbers game I played with Sairah before she started Kinder. I’m positively sure it will spark some interest in your lil ones when it comes to numbers. These photos were taken in December 2014, during summer, a month before the start of school and I can’t believe how ‘little’ she looks here.

Just yesterday while wearing my big flowy cardigan, I wrapped her around with it and said ‘look, you’re like a baby Kangaroo now in her mama’s pouch’.

She wiggled her way out of my cardigan, looked at me and guess what she said?

‘Mmooooom, it’s called a JOEY!!!’

Don’t know where to put my face. #whenyourkidteachesyou.

Baby kangaroo, joey – same same!

Moving on, let’s play a game!

I saw this on one of the many kiddie sites I”m subscribed to but I modified it a lil using a stroller – just because it was lying around her room and I just had to find a good way of using the damn thing to make her grandma’s $9 bucks worth it.

In a piece of paper (whatever shape you like), just write down the numbers big enough for your kid to see.

Throw them around on the floor in no particular order.

Get them to stand in a far end, with stroller in hand. No stroller? No problem – just use a bucket or they can even just use their bare hands.

See the excitement on her face?

Maths and numbers babyyyy!

Oh yea – let’s start learning!

Call out a number for her to recognize and pick – now stand back and watch your kid make a MAD dash for it. It’s not like I was even timing the whole game, haha.

Let’s gooooooo gooo gooo…..

Omg omg mom said to look for number 12.

There – FOUND IT!

Let me just put it in the stroller….

And head back to point A. Let’s go let’s go….time’s a ticking (when it’s really not!).

Let’s drop the number in the basket.

And of course when they’re done getting all those numbers into the basket, get them to bring it back to you. Just because :D

Let’s play again mom!

So far, I’ll give this game a 10 out of 10 because she never once got bored of it and it definitely sparked her interest in numbers. We would play at least 3-4 times each round. You could also modify by playing maths where you give a sum for them to solve and get them to pick the answer that’s lying on the ground.

Sounds easy peasy?

You bet.

And the best part? All that running around will definitely make em tired.

Learning and getting a good work out of it too?

Priceless I say. Now go play this game!

P.s: Finally blogged about something that I”ve been meaning to share since 6 months ago- hell yea! Please bear with me folks – I am still a lil busy at the moment as something exciting is about to happen next week *buat suspense for no reason*, heh.

Life Updates

30 May

Life Updates


Only today I just realized it’s been over a month since I last blogged or even logged into my account. Heck it, it’s been ages since I even turned on my stupid laptop. I”m surprised this piece of crap even works! But of course it’s lagging like a real pain. Something tells me this short post will end up taking alot of time just getting it sorted. I had sweet sweet friends reminding me to blog and update, lol but somehow I kept procrastinating like a stubborn mule and boom – it’s already going into June!

Happy first June y’all then – OZ is gearing up for the financial year end SALE and if you’re heading this way any time soon, you’re in for a real treat I tell you. If you’re into winter stuff I guess, haha.

Anyho at the risk of losing the remaining of what’s left of my readers, sob, just thought I’d update y’all on a few things going on in my boring ol life.

If you’ve been following my Instagram (and I hope you are!), you would have noticed that I was quite busy ‘galavanting’ Melbourne like a kutu in end april/early may because my sis was here for a good 2 weeks and mom is still around hence why the blog has taken a back seat.

Ain’t nobody got time to blog when you have family around yo.

I have SO many photos to share about the stuff we got up to in those past 2 weeks (it was a HAPPY 2 weeks I have to say) and also just blog about the shopping my sister did because I do think I could start off a career being an awesome personal shopper guide because she went back with an overloaded bag with plenty of bargains! Same thing when my MIL came over – after going to Sydney she actually said the places I took her had the best bargains :lol:

#bargainqueenstrikesagain it’s so uncool to pay retail price *blows finger nails*

SO yea, first update!

Secondly, I am working again!! Like after 1.5 freaking years of not slogging my arse. And let me tell you – going back to work after some time is never easy – the first week has been less than stellar because it feels like a bus or ton of brick has hit into me and my fats and it bloody hurts, lol. But the good news is, it’s not a permanent job as I”m just currently temping for a few weeks worth of assignments just so I can get some $ to SHOP. The things I do to prep  myself for shopping and the upcoming sale is mind boggling, hehe.

Truth is, I wanted to work so badly some months ago.I suppose the whole routine of staying at home looking after Sairah alone got to me and I wanted some time to break that monotony. All this was of course before my mom and sis arrived. I got totally side tracked while they were here and had no inclination to work haha. But then this temp role was offered (which is a blessing in many ways coz getting a job in Melbourne can be a real bitch!) and I thought why not. Lo and behold I was then faced with the mother of all irony when I realized just after day 2 how I rather wish I was warmly snugged in bed in the mornings and could continue to spend time with Sairah.

Bloody irony.

Look at me overly dramatizing shit when it’s only been 4 days of work. LOL #indianfemaleproblems.

Let me wait for pay day and see if I feel any better, lol.

My days or rather in the past 4 days consist of waking up by 6.30 a.m to of course give my hair a long luxurious wash before getting ready. I’m just one of those weird people who need clean fresh hair to start the day. Then by 7.15 a.m I literally need to check on someone to make sure he gets ready because let me tell you something – that man effin annoys the shit out of me in the mornings because no 1:  he has issues waking up no 2: his brains takes forever to ’start’ in the morning so by the time we’re out the door by 7.30 a.m I would have had my blood pressure already up and boiling. Let a snail or tortoise race with him in the mornings and most likely they would probably win and be out of the door compared to this old man.

Then of course we drive to the train station and in recent times parking has been full very quickly and a real bitch. But at least the trains  arrive every 4-5 minutes so within 25 minutes I”m usually at the station near work (which is in an awesome location btw!). I buy my a cup of awesome cofffee and then walk another 6-8 minutes to reach the office. In that process I join thousands of other slaved minions rushing out of the train and walking into their respective offices just so bills can be paid. In my case- so some shopping can be done later on haha.

I remember when I first came here in 2008 and thought to myself – how cool would it be to be working/living in Melbourne and then boom – am finally doing it years later. It’s a very different feeling compared to working in KL I have to say.

Checklist – tick tick.

But do I want to continue doing this full time – probably not. I might consider part-time options but I don’t want to fully give up on mommy duties for Sairah.

Day care does cost an arm and a leg here and my poor baby has been resorted into walking to kinder now! The first day she walked to school her teacher actually told my mom how Sairah for the first time ever NAPPED during nap time in the afternoon.

Btw, I should note – it probably only takes 10-15 minutes to walk to school and that kid has probably done more walking in the city when we’re out galavanting, lol. Drama.

Sairah update: She will be turning 5 soon and oh lord, she has become quite a monster on some days! I think my sweet naive lil baby has taken a back seat after going to kinder, lol. At the same time it has taught her to be a lil bold and brave and she’s no longer the shy lil kid that she used to be. Which is good in many ways. However on some days I swear I just want to tear my hair out okie! I have no idea how stay at home moms deal with 2-3 kids!

Okay breathe in. Breathe out.

Sairah @ 4.5 years. May look sweet and innocent on the outside but don’t let it fool you!

Exciting times ahead because she’ll be having her first Bharatanatyam recital publicly in a month’s time and we can’t wait!

That aside, she’s still a good child me thinks. Since moving to OZ she has been of great help around the house. She helps me with the laundry sometimes where she eagerly helps put away her clothes in the cupboard. She helps put her plates and cups away in the sink whenever she’s done with her meals, helps prepare dinner with the small stuff and helps with whatever chores thrown her way though some things have taken a back seat since her grandmother arrived to Melbourne, haha.

She also loves helping her old man clean the car, considering how she’s also solely responsible for the mess she creates inside the car.

The cleaning gene however I do believe comes from the father, haha.

Clean clean clean – gotta get this car all clean and sparkly. Mommy also says there’s no such thing as a free lunch or stay so…

And now to move on picking up the leaves. Don’t you just love how autumn leaves (pun!) its trace around?!

And oh oh, my photo of Sairah got featured on Kmartaus Instagram a few weeks back! Major proud moment coz out of the thousands of people hash-tagging kmart I could just CRY how my photo of Sairah in their jacket was noticed and then featured on their Instagram *cries tears of joy*.

And btw- a free shopping advice, heh- Kmart IS a damn good place to shop because they have such awesome bargains.

*not paid to say this, not paid to say this -just another Kmart fan*

And last but not least, to leave this post on a ’sweet’ note, here are some photos of my panna cotta which I think I’ve perfected for now thanks to a simple recipe I found on a box of vegetarian gel powder!

Tadaaaa – Masterchef Australia, I”m coming for you next year and each dish will incorporate nothing but panna cotta coz cream is life!

Round 2 with some raspberry and chocolate hazelnut sauce. Oooh yummm.

Not too shabby eh? If anyone wants the recipe, just holler!

Bye for now and promise to blog more soon.

If not, head on to my Insta!

P.s: Yup as expected, took me 2 hours 20 minutes just to get this post up.

A Good Choice With Fountain Sauces

24 Apr

A Good Choice With Fountain Sauces

“This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and Fountain Good Choice Sauces”

There’s a new range of sauces in Woolworths Store from The Fountain range named ‘Good Choice’ being displayed. These sauces were launched and designed for consumers who have concerns for sauces that are laced with too much sugar, salt and/or sauces that contain gluten.

The Good Choice range prides itself in having no added sugar and is just about gluten free and contains no artificial colors and flavors. Perfect for those who have such health concerns or dietary requirements.

I was sent their sauces to put it to the taste in terms of the suitability of the variety of flavors for the whole family. And  I believe just because something is deemed ‘healthy’, it shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on taste – which is why I’ve used a few methods/ways of incorporating the sauces to our dishes to see how it fared.

These are the 5 new sauces made available that will suit any type of cooking. While most of the sauces are sweetened with Natvia and gluten free, the soya sauce is 50% salt reduced which sits well with me since I’m not one to use too much salt in my cooking. As you can see, I’ve been diligently using the soya sauce quite a bit since getting it a few weeks ago :D

I decided to incorporate the tomato sauce and soya sauce into the famous Malaysian maggi goreng dish with such lovely results. The soya sauce true to its 50%less salt reduced didn’t make the dish salty neither did I have to add in additional salt. The tomato sauce gave a good balance to cut down the spiciness from the curry powder without being overly sour.

Overall, the sauces helped achieve a perfectly made home-made Maggi Goreng (if I may say so myself!).

Being a pizza lover, the husband decided to ‘gourmet’ up his pizza by adding the BBQ sauce to enhance the flavors of his chicken pizza and cooked the chicken pieces with the BBQ sauce too. Not only does it look amazing, it taste even more amazing (according to him) and heck – no more paying $20 for gourmet pizza, hah!

And finally – the true test to these sauces or any food is definitely when your kid approves it.

Sairah isn’t a huge tomato sauce fan because she finds it a bit too sour. But the Good Choice tomato sauce seemed to have augur well with the lil one as she happily finished it off with her meal.

Overall, the Fountain Good Choice sauces were a delight to use, great for the entire family and I’ve had so much fun incorporating them into our meals and I’m already thinking of how to use them more in our future dishes.

For those interested, these products are  selling for $3.49 at shelf and can be purchased at www.woolworths .com.au or can be purchased in stores.

Try it, you’ll be making a good healthy choice!

Snippets Of Our Trip Back Home

21 Apr

Snippets Of Our Trip Back Home

Figured it’s about time to update about our short trip back to KL recently.

We were back for about 3 weeks and while it looked like it was a long time but trust you me when I say time flew so fast that it’s so freaking unfair! I had a ton of things to do on my list but only achieved 1/3 of it literally! And in all the excitement to visit the endless malls and stuff our faces in various restaurants we have, we only went to 3 malls!

Time management – we were obviously doing it wrong!

But the main purpose of returning home was to be for my dad’s 1st year prayers which were held at home. The first week of our arrival were spent preparing for the prayers, which went well. However it still takes alot of effort to digest how 1 year has zoomed us by.

Time again.

Then it was CNY and as usual, it was spent at our family friend’s house all 3 days. I guess some tradition still continues on and we definitely did miss having Dad around.

I do apologize for all the crappy quality photo but I wasn’t too keen on bringing the camera around (instead I was bent on being in the moment, haha) so I only took these photos with my OLD crappy phone.

Gong Xi Gong Xi – no CNY outfit as she outgrew the old one and I was too cheap to buy a new one.

A group photo of a CNY well spent.

Did some gambling this year and won money enough for a meal for myself, haha.

Of course the true ‘winner’ was Sairah who collected RM300 worth of angpow. Not bad for a lil brown girl I say :eek:

Then it was off to do some shopping for stuff that I wanted to take back.

RM100 worth of spices bitches! Definitely cost a lil more here in Melbourne so I”m glad we’ve got spices to last for a good year or until we get back for more supply, lol.

All hail the spice queen. My luggage definitely had a spicy aroma by the end of it all, lol.

More supply shopping….

Yes pads coz our pads are better than the pads here :lol:

Obviously just happy to be inside the trolley

And when there’s Grandma there’s a high chance of being pampered and spoilt…

The 1001th stuffed toy which she doesn’t need.

And being typically Malaysian, the rest of the trip consisted of GORGING food!

@ Klang Banana Leaf. Mmm Mmm

Nakku – my absolute favorite when CNY looms around. I could eat the wholeee tin together with those crispy love letters.

Sairah’s favorite mashed potatoes from Dave’s Deli! Even the lil one had a list of ‘must-eats’ with chicken rice, satay and pan mee high up on the list.


I must have had the vegan nasi lemak from Papa Rich one too many times. Even ‘tapao-ed’ it when I wasn’t even hungry to begin with. And that ladies is how you also put on weight FAST, lol.

Maggi Goreng!

Baskin’s ice cream- just because we don’t have it here.

@ Radhey’s – pretty good Indian restaurant in Brickfields

@ Coffee Chemistry – wasn’t the best waffle but is this super cute or what?!

Had a dinner date with a friend @ Fresca Mexican restaurant in Gardens and if you’ve yet to go here you should. Food was so good!

Don’t judge- the two of us finished it alllll!

No kid tagging= alcohol and dessert!

Random – photo of traffic, just because it’s everywhere la. I think we would have achieved more malls/restaurants/meet-ups if it wasn’t for planning around traffic time.

The final week we headed to Penang with the family and cousins! It’s been a while since we last had a family trip so it was just like the good old days growing up.

Cousins and baby in Penang!

@ Monkey Tree – restaurant with a stunning view of the ocean. Sairah couldn’t keep her eyes off it.

One day I’m going to move to the beach side and never come back.

@ Line Clear. It was hot as hell and sweat was literally dropping off everyone (ewww I know), lol but my baby girl just sat there eating and savoring her food. So glad I can take her anywhere and rest assured she will enjoy herself.

Like a true Malaysian foodie!

Random chinese coffee shop

Oh hai, just excited to be here and eat some noodles, peace.

@ our favorite mamak Enca restaurant opposite Hard Rock hotel. Just pure awesome cheap food.

My handsome cousin, haha. Still available and up for sale.

What’s Penang without a bowl of cendol to cool down.

Spotted my favorite kacang rebus and just had to get it.

And this was at Bidor at the famous noodle shop.

Old style puff pastry and candied peanut which I brought back to Melbourne, heh.

The road back home.

Last but not least got my hair done – like the WHOLE WORKS BABY  before getting back here.

This is what being RM800 less poorer looks like :o

Price to pay when you want to have nice hair and esp when you’re not born with it  *flick flick*

Okay that’s all. Sorry to bore you with my useless photos of my trip back home but somehow it puts a smile on my face.

That’s what food does to me, lol. And family too of course!

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