Of Late

21 Jul

Of Late

Oh hi, hello.

12 days since my last update. Who’s counting anyway.

Of late I”ve been feeling very demotivated to blog or put my thoughts down. So I tend to talk to myself in my head all the time. It’s like the perfect place ever to live in since no one talks or fights back, haha. The thought of shutting down this blog has also crossed my mind. Not sure if I’ll be doing that any time soon, esp when I have some big news to reveal. But who knows, I might.

Can you guess what it might be? And please don’t go looking at my fat bloated tummy to figure it out! It’s.just.BLOATED! I swear.

This is what I’ve been up to of late and I gotta say, last week was pretty happening for me with meet ups and what not!

Since I do have kind friends who did miss me while I was away for a month, I did some meet ups with them.

This was in Thirdwave in Nexus, Bangsar South last Tuesday to catch up on news and life updates with my Hot Mama friends (they were previously my blog readers whom I have since become close friends with. I have technically lost 3 blog readers because now they get first dips on updates via whatsapp and our meet ups, lol). And funny part is, we tend to meet up more without the kids just because it’s a whole lotta more fun that way :D Mommies need their time away from their munckins once in a while too!

We even squeezed in a pampering session for our feet! I promised them I wouldn’t upload this on Facebook but no one said I couldn’t upload it here so :eek:

On Wednesday, I finally had a nice long over-due session of meeting the woman behind Just Me, The Mrs ! I’ve known her for a while now as we read each other’s blogs and we had often email/whatsapp each other. She was kind enough to come show me some support when my dad passed away, so it was sooo nice to finally sit down at Coffeebean to catch up properly face to face and get to know each other more! I most definitely had so much fun and am looking forward to our next meet up!

No photo coz she prefers to remain anonymous :D Do check out her blog though!

On Thursday, I caught up with an ex -colleague who now has become a close friend in La Boca in Pavilion.  Again, no photos to share coz we were busy updating each other just about everything under the sun. Note to self, it ain’t hard to take 10 seconds off chattering to take a selfie of some sort I guess. But major note to self – AVOID KL city like a plague going forward coz I wasn’t too pleased to get stuck in traffic for a good 45 minutes each way. I do love my friends, but not to the extend of putting up with shitty traffic just to go see them, heh :lol:  Roads have officially gone haywire in the city what with roadworks and all that. What’s new all over KL though. I am however super glad I don’t work there anymore. It’s hard to digest that it’s been 8 months since I left the working world which I don’t miss one bit. Well except the money which usually can be fixed after nagging the husband into giving me some, lol. Story of my life.

That same night, just when I was about to go to sleep I saw a chilling Facebook update by a friend about what had happened to flight MH17. And you have no idea how I felt esp since when I was flying out to Singapore the very next morning. It may have been just a short tiny flight but it definitely plays on your mind and I can only imagine how excited those on board must have been before boarding that ill fated flight, how they would have gone through immigration and the works without having an ounce of idea what would happen to them in the next hours. I can only pray that they didn’t suffer much when it happened and that their souls be at peace. Justice needs to be served and I do hope the Malaysian government (no matter how much I don’t think highly of) will not brush this issue aside at any cost. KLIA was most certainly in a very somber mood esp when news about MH17 was being blasted at every corner. It’s been very hard to accept what has happened, esp when flights to Amsterdam-KL is an extremely common commercial route. One of my husband’s ex colleague was on board that ill fated flight and my cousin and a friend each had an ex classmate on board too. That said, I do have a long haul fight (if you call under 10 hours long but it is when you’re travelling with a toddler alone!) with MAS soon and we had actually booked it just one day before the incident. While this is no way MAS’s fault,  people can’t help but feel that the airlines is jinxed (something to do with the number 7 they say) and that if it can happen twice now, there will be a third time they justify.

I don’t know about that since I’m not GOD and cannot predict the future. To me, I often feel whatever happens is pretty much written by the man above, no matter how cruel it can be sometimes. If something bad is bound to happen, it will happen regardless. Be it on a MAS flight or in some other ways. When we heard MAS was offering full refunds on flights booked until end of this year, I have to say, it was somewhat tempting but I figured I shall leave it all to HIS hands. This will still not deter me from travelling or going on any flights and to stupid people who say ‘this is why I don’t travel much’ – well you’re a dumb arse. Kindly continue to rot in KL and think its the best city to live in everrr, thank you.

Nevertheless, I have never failed to offer a prayer to HIM asking him to guide us and to be with us until we arrive safely to our destination. Somethings in life you have no control over true, but that shouldn’t stop you from praying just because, you can!

Moving on…

If you’re ever in Singapore, Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate is a MUST visit! Their desserts are just O.M.G amazing. Well done for a local chain I have to say.

While I didn’t enjoy our day trip to Singapore last year, it was different this time since I went around shopping with a friend who has been living there for the past 5 years. We took the train, cab and bus to get around and public transportation in SG is highly impressive and probably comes in second best compared to Hong Kong.  She needed to do some baby shopping since she’s due soon so it was certainly my pleasure to be there edging her on to buy unnecessarily cute baby clothes! People often tell me I’m a very bad influence when it comes to shopping but I do take that as a compliment why thank you very much :)

I wasn’t impressed much with the Great Singapore Sale but I did have fun walking into just about every high end stores there because the SAs don’t judge (unlike the snotty ones in KL) and are of great help to you even if you’re dressed like you can’t afford it.

Like so.

The Prada double zip tote IS my dream bag at the moment. And one day it shall be mineeee!

SGD2.3k only maam :lol:

The only time I wouldn’t mind being Singaporean, heh.

Literally got back around 11.30pm on both nights from the malls, squeezed in a pampering feet treat while watching 2000 Pound Beauty (awesome Korean movie!), ate junk food for lunch (and which was quite evident with bloated tums) and definitely had a ton of fun with our girl oh I mean married woman talk :D

Sunday arrived too quickly so it was time to say bye!

@ Changi Airport. Oh and you know you’re becoming a shitty blogger when you fail to take out your proper camera and instead just use the lousy phone camera to take pictures. Woe.

I only came home with 2 items and both belong to Sairah! Didn’t even get anything for myself.

Me mama left me behind for 2 nights but hey look what she got me from Singapore?

Later that night on Sunday we went out for an early birthday celebration since my mom turns all of 59 today!

@ Souled Out, Nexus

From the kiddie menu and I thought it was rather cute that they made the mash and sausages into a bunny rabbit. Certainly a meal that caught her attention! Like most meals I suppose, haha.

Imma bunny destroyer and Imma gonna eat your ears first!

We certainly missed Daddy even more and as someone said, every birthdays and events henceforth without him is certainly quite painful.

And that is all the updates I can give for now. If anyone even cares.

Till then, toodles.

Hair Update

9 Jul

Hair Update

The weather has been absolutely horrendous on us since coming back. What such lovely heat and haze we’re having! I”ve even developed a bloody heat rash that won’t go away. Sorry if its TMI but story of my life.

To beat the super hot humid weather, a treat of frozen yogurt is a definitely the mother of all treats!

Got this deal off Groupon for RM9 only to find out you can get the SAME exact deal on weekdays in Tutti Frutti store. Apparently you can fill all you can in their 50z cup and can get ANY amount of toppings so long it doesn’t spill out or go over-board. Which if you’re Malaysian is hard not to, lol

Should have seen the look on the guy’s face when I told him I was happy with some chocolate chips and nothing else.  He kept telling me ‘ambil la, percuma you tak nak?’ (take it, it’s free and you don’t want it?) but what can I say – I take only what I need and claim what I want:D On a side note, I’ve been obsessing over Game of Thrones :)

Just for kicks and to kill time, if you’re like an observant creature like I am – do check out how other fellow kiasus fill up their cup to the brim….entertainment certainly guaranteed as they literally discuss ways to fill high enough to make full use of their RM9. Rocket science as its best!

This was ours….no idea how I created horns, haha.

Mom says if I eat too much chocolate chips, all my teeth will fall off!

I”ve realized my lil one’s hair has grown to a very nice stage and I intend to keep it longer. The weather is making me want to chop those locks off though so as long as she complies to having her hair up in the clip without wiggling it out, her hair shall be safe. For now.

Winter air (despite just one month) has done wonders for her hair – it’s so soft, shiny and it actually GREW and  I’m guessing its the Paw paw infused shampoo I used for her there. Paw paw stands for papaya. But I can never say it out loud with a straight face.

I do wonder when those nice locks will self destruct and return to its frizz ball like condition (and mine too) at the rate the weather has been horrible. Have I already mention this yet?

Imma prissy bitch when it comes to super hot weather. They didn’t call me Puteri Lilin back in the day for nothing.

Anyhos, before going to OZ, I REALLY wanted to get my hair rebonded so I actually bought a deal off Groupon but when I called the salon, they were fully booked!

So what’s a girl to do but make an appointment one month in advance and to visit them AFTER her trip!

For the first time in my life, I actually got served by a Punjabi stylist! And the reason why I’m a lil excited and in shock (which I told her too) is, it’s rare to find a non-Chinese in the hair industry or at least in most salons you see in malls.

And I admit, I was a lil skeptical at first with her skills but soon enough grew comfortable into taking in her views since it takes one brown sister to understand another brown sista’s hair well. And yes Indian hair is indeed a rare special kind of breed as our hair usually develops a mind of its own which we can’t control! Back to the stylist – she was extremely friendly and chatty which helped! Since I have been itching to highlight my hair as well, I took the opportunity to ask her what color might suit me and after she persuaded me to try out a reddish tone, this was the final results:

I should also learn to take a chill pill and trust the expert (because I must have told her a million times not to make it soooo bright) and oh try out more colors!

Oh and this is after the L’oreal Steampod Rebonding as well, super love it as my hair is soft and in a humaneee state again! I hope the new length stops my hair from shedding like a cat as well.

Camera quality is crap I have to say but too bad :eek: Can you see the red? Hope this brings me luck!

I love how subtle it is. It can get a lil more noticeable if I move my hair around. I did opt for partial highlights coz I wanted to try out this color first before deciding to go full on in a few months time. I added only a mere RM100 for the highlights and got a MUCH deserved hair cut for only RM60. My head feels a whole lot lighter now – literally, hahaha.

Tell me what you think? Like what you see?

And the reason why I’m also blogging about this fast is because, the same deal I got is back on Groupon and for those who want to rebond their hair at half the price and get pwettiee hair like mine, you can purchase the deal here: http://www.groupon.my/deals/klang-valley-kuala-lumpur/8-days-hair-studio-ikano-3/718586705

You are most welcome my precious lil bunnies.

The Missus Blogs…helping you get good deals since 2008.

And of course, if you’re keen on having super awesome highlights like mine, ahem, haha, you can do so as well. Just ask for Davin – you won’t be disappointed! I bet my rebonded red hair on it, lol.

Sairah’s Kiddie Clothes Haul

7 Jul

Sairah’s Kiddie Clothes Haul

Before departing for our trip to Melbourne, I actually made sure we bought all our warm/winter clothes back in KL thinking it would be expensive to buy em in Australia. Because the last time we were in Perth, shopping wasn’t exactly cheap. Well cheap if you make AUD dollars but not if you’re converting! But it does appear that we have visited at the right time since June is the financial year end which means CRAZY discounts in every store there is! I cannot rave enough about how awesome shopping has been here….and also how disciplined I’ve been in terms of NOT buying much for myself with the exception of a perfume or two, some hair products,accessories and oh wait, I did buy some jackets and coat :D But in general it wasn’t a huge damage compared to what it could have been if I left myself go a lil crazy. We all have those moments right?

For Sairah on the other hand – l.just.couldn’t.help.myself!!

Every damn kiddie store was on SALE meaning most of their clothes were a mere AUD5-20 including Pumpkin Patch! I did most of my shopping for her in Target because I did find PP a lil more expensive in comparison. But then I saw on FB that the PP outlet store in Harbour Town in Dockslands was having a massive sale one weekend and I just had to go!

The other day I looked at the pile of new clothes that have been on the table for about a week now and decided to play dress up with Sairah. These were all the purchases made in PP. With some Target purchases. There’s actually more clothes that I had earlier purchased from Target which she has worn in other blog post.

I think we’ve covered purchases for next year’s winter :D Yup. Unless another awesome sale crops up in between – just something about the word sale that makes a woman weak.

I actually had so much fun picking out these outfit during the PP sale in Harbour Town. For starters, shopping environment is really comfortable with no idiotic people pushing around like what you’d find back in Malaysia. Everything was nicely spaced out and labelled according to sizes. Helps that customer service here is almost impeccable and needs to be applauded for most times. There are the very rare occasion where you might get served by a  not so nice SAs but in general, let’s just say I know a cashier or two who are planning trips to Bali and one even spoke to me about his prom night!!  There’s just something about friendly approachable SAs that make your shopping experience better.

Moving on,  we decided to play dress up and someone was more than happy to give a few posses or two. Also I wanted to just show case some of the pieces I got for her and how I actually paid not more than AUD10 for most of it!

I call this the Frenchie Parisisan look!

I don’t think she has a peter pan collared teal blouse so I decided to match is with some stripey black-and-white classic french like leggings for this look. Topped it off with a beanie (about AUD3 i think) which Sairah picked all by herself and wala…

I could be roaming around the street of Paris don’t ya think? In terms of sizing I generally love getting a size or two up so these were a size 5 on her which I”‘m sure she’ll grow into well soon enough.

Each item were about AUD5 only…major steal.

For chillier nights, I got this thick purple crop sweater (AUD15 – the most expensive item in our PP haul) and I love the combo of green and purple put together.

Black and white has always been my favorite combo hence this look! Both tee and leggings cost me only AUD5 each. Can you see the price pattern here then? This look would go great with her boots. I was going to get her to wear em too but figured it was a lil too much work on a lazy Friday afternoon :p

Is this pose Pumpkin Patch website material? Heh :)  The white beanie was bought back here from PP in KL…probably cost me more than her tee!

Wearing the same black and white combo, I just threw it this super girly pink/white/blue hoodie from PP. Cost me only AUD15 for the hoodie which I thought was a real steal considering the material is soft and nice. I do believe this was the last one on the rack that was just calling out Sairah’s name.

Pink beanie from Target for colder days…

Don’t give a hoot face for colder days too. Oh I just love the color-combination. So sweet yet rugged at the same time?

Angry face. Just because she can. Me thinks a pink boots would go nicely with this look.

The summer look!

I found these in the AUD5-10 bin during the sale and just couldn’t resist the chic factor. It’s soo laidback yet pretty at the same time. You can already imagine how I parked my ass in the cheap bin during the sale :D

I’m so laidback that I need to just chill out by the wall for support.

Blouse was AUD8  (you can find it in our local stores here but for RM50 or so) and the leggings were AUD5 onleh. Once again, cannot rave enough about the quality.

Nah, an ATMN pose just for you.

I picked another mini haul during the Ozsale online and only got her to model this blouse which I totally love since I do love tunic like tops.

Probably less than AUD10 or so. Thick comfy material with pretty embroidery on the top. Super love.

My lil model was quite tired already so no modelled pic for this.  I saw this design back in KL which was going for about RM60 after discount so no surprises how excited I got after spotting this at the AUD10 bin!

I just love the checks and color combo on this. Haven’t decided what color leggings might go well.

But I did get her an AUD5 black leggings, just because you can never go wrong with a few black leggings. Ribbed.

Next up: Target haul!

Target was like my second home there :D We’d go in at least 3-4 times a week just to look see what offers they have. And the kiddie section was my absolute favorite! To those who took up my service to buy clothes for your kids, once again thanks –  I had a blast shopping in Target while looking for clothes for your lil ones.

We must have went in during the 3rd week of the June sale when I spotted these pieces. Sometimes its always good to wait at the tail end of the sale so more stocks are made available with even cheaper prices.

Sairah doesn’t have a simple black dress mainly because black dresses are also hard to find for lil girls. So I was quite impressed when she went up and picked this dress out by herself. It has these pretty lil motifs on it and the best part is – the price dropped from AUD18 to 9 only! Material is super thick so would be nice for winter paired with a grey printed leggings of some sort.

I just adore this shot!

The preppy chic look!

The off-white turtleneck was only AUD5 and the skirt was a major bargain at AUD6! I don’t have that many skirts for her coz I’m always afraid of her falling and scrapping those knees. This is definitely a nice change though I think end of the day, I still prefer her in leggings/jeans! Also coz she has a conservative father and aunt who asked me why is her skirt so short!

Found this bright simple orange top at the AUD5 section and just love it for its quirkiness.

LOVE FOR ALL! And that’s how the world should work.

Ah my bargain piece! I actually spotted this dress in a few different Target store but they weren’t on sale then. Then the store near home seemed to have this dress on sale so without thinking I just grabbed one for her. It was only AUD8 I do believe. Usual price – close to Aud20 and the material is seriously good.

Love the tiers on the dress.

My lil miss sunshine

Who’s also capable for making it less sunshine-y on naughty days, hah.

I call this the yo-yo mama look, lol simply because its chilled out in a girly way with the touch of pink.

Yup, sure will keep her warm in the winter.

I also got this lil pink jacket with a hood from Target for half price (AUD10!). These babies were selling out real fast and they had it in every colors you can possibly think of. Even PP had the same jacket but they were going for AUD20 each, after discount.

I did spot the same jacket on a few other kids, haha.

The hood definitely comes in handy during windy and rainy days.

Just some random pieces I picked up earlier which cost me only AUD5 for the thick pants and AUD7 for the polka dot blouse. I swear there’s more pieces but these were the ones lying around the place unwashed   :o

Anyway, to those who intend to visit Melbourne or Australia for that matter, I hope this post has convinced you to visit during their June financial year end sale then :D It’s something you definitely won’t regret…coz when they call it a sale, they REALLY mean it! Same goes for women’s clothes, shoes, accessories and even perfume (as low as AUD20 y’all!). Even chocolates go on half price!


Just a random picture of us on Saturday before our flight back to KL yesterday. I officially slept for 12 hours and just woke up a while ago :)

That is all!

P.s: To those who ordered items from me, your parcel will be going out tomorrow *throws confetti*

Exploring Victoria Market & Chinatown

2 Jul

Exploring Victoria Market & Chinatown

Two places my mom wanted to visit when she was here – first being Victoria Market and second- Chinatown. She left back to Malaysia about a week ago so I’m glad we got to visit these places as it also brought back memories of my first visit here some years ago.

All ready to take the train and head out to Victoria Market!

But not before stopping for a quick snack at Theobrama @ Melbourne Central

I’m not really biting on a spoon silly, it’s chocolate! Really.good.chocolate.

Hubby just happy to have coffee. Coz you can almost never get a bad cuppa joe here ever!! Btw the hot milk chocolate at Theobrama is absolutely divine and a must try.

Random sights at Melbourne Central Mall.

Some 100 steps later or so…

The weekend crowd.

I’m not much of a ‘fruit’ person so the husband and mom had a field time just looking at the fruit produce on offer and naturally bought some. I was told the best time to get bargains here is to visit on a Sunday afternoon before closing time since the market closes on Monday, most sellers will drop their prices down to get rid of stock. Now that I will return again on a Sunday, for sure!

Victoria Market visit – check!

Just check out the sizes of these babies

Off to the retail section

Somebody spotted those Frozen photo frames and let’s just say we ended up buying 3 of em for her.

Baby chicks were also up for sale and of course missy wanted one as well. Let’s just say she wants to buy up the ENTIRE store these days if given a chance.

Yup, only these three are capable to stop and marvel at oranges…

COZ THEY’RE SO HUGE! Everything seems super-sized here in OZ! The bigger the better…

After an hour later with tummies filled with Middle-Eastern lunch, we made a coffee stop outside the market.

Okay now what? Bring out the snacks lady.

Or picture time will be great.

Any guesses what she spotted??

Why is that crazy looking kid staring at us like that?

Wonder if I made a dash for em birds, would anyone notice it?!

Sairah being cheeky with her daddy

A kiss for her old man before she powed a few toys from him later. Men are such weak creatures :D

We made our way to the Melbourne Museum and the park as well but that deserves a different post coz we really did fall in love with the Melbourne Museum – one of the very best we’ve been to so far and so educational for kids.

Next  up China Town! You can go to any country and rest assured – there will be at least one china town nearby to satisfy your chinese food cravings. But that said, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian restaurants infact are everywhere in Melbourne and you can find em in every suburbs too. Who says you’ll ever miss these type of cuisine when you’re here?

Sairah insisting on her shades for the train ride.

Chinatown – check!

We went to meet up with a family friend for some Chinese dim sum for brunch and these are the faces of a very stuffed tummies.

But naturally there’s ALWAYS room for her favorite Boost Juice. And to have it in the land where the juicing all started…priceless.

A stroll in the city

Not before stopping for a coffee break and being served by a handsome barista :lol:

One day coffee, just one day, I will be big enough to have you.

P.s: cake here was divine but I totally can’t recall the name of the place.

The gorgeous view at the back

Grandma-baby love

A crappy photo of moi – zero guesses who was responsible for this shot.

But hey guess what, I’ve yet to rebond my hair in MONTHS, yet I have somewhat decent hair now. Thank you GHD :)

One bird chase for the road..

Before we head back home

Yup, skies become dark by 5. Winter woes they say but I can’t complain since I love cold (being cold-blooded by nature and all you see, hah)

That’s all for now!

4 Months

27 Jun

4 Months

Today marks 4 months since you left us. And there’s never a day that goes by without me tearing while thinking of you. If only these tears could build a stairway to heaven, I’ll be already there reunited with you. I may look ‘happy’ on the outside but deep inside, the pain of losing you still lingers. That sharp pain in the heart still beats painfully and these tears just drops freely and plenty.  Alot of things around me reminds me of you and that constantly triggers the sad emotions that is so unbearable sometimes.  I still cry every single night while the rest of the world is asleep, I’m up thinking of you, my mind going through the day’s event before your passing, the very same code blue sound running fresh in my mind, having called into the ICU waiting room and having told that you were leaving us and that the doctors did everything they could but HE ultimately called you back and granted you eternal rest.

But I remember -going in to see you that day just an hour before a procedure. While you were out and flat the previous day – you just seemed so like your  normal self that day in ICU. It was almost there was nothing wrong with your health at all. Just exactly the healthy bubbly loving daddy I remember you as . So calm, chilled and collected.

Sometimes I loathe life so much. Because I hate how rubbish people are left behind to torture and torment and the good ones are taken making life on earth less tolerable. I see alot of post on FB about how some young people are leaving this earth at a young age, be it from an illness, to dengue to cancer and so sometimes that dark thought does creep into my mind – why not me too? Because I truly believe, there is no heaven, hell and earth. There’s only heaven and then there’s hell which is living on this earth. For most times we’re constantly plagued with problems and issues but without a doubt there are happy moments too which makes it worth while. So, I’ll continue to do good till my time is up while secretly hating the world a lil. Because it really isn’t as perfect as I’d wish it to be. Then again, nothing  ever is.

I do wish I could rewind life though. That or press that  little button where I can forward it where I”m at my tail end of my life. But then a lil voice that calls me ‘mama’ brings me back to the present and  reminds me of the years to come with her. I’m constantly reminded how much she reminds me of you sometimes and that I do want her to grow up thinking of you all the time.  She has most certainly picked up your dirty habit of stuffing tissue into her nose and leaving it there!

As painful as this journey as been for us, it has been equally challenging for her too. She asks for you everyday – constantly asking why did you go to heaven and why aren’t you back from heaven. How do I tell her its a permanent thing? That secretly I also wish heaven is just merely another place for a holiday and that you’ll be back soon telling us of your great adventure?

Sometimes I take small comfort in knowing that you went to Anand in his dream and told him not to worry about you, because you’re all okay up there and that your heart is  doing good too. He sleeps like an absolute log so even he is shocked and amazed on how vivid the dream was when you told him those things and like the gentle father that you were to him you assured him not to worry as well for everything he wishes for will come true. Your advise to him came at a right time too. That’s just you Dad, always looking out for all of us. Always worrying for all of us. Unlike some parents who only condemn and falter.

In a way, I have slight peace knowing you’re good up there and after having a clear vision of you smiling up there in Heaven the morning after you left. But I want to be selfish and ask you to come back.

The other day your grand-daughter looked up at the sky and shouted ‘Grandpaaa, where are you?? Come home!’ Without fail, she never fails to wish you a good night and good morning and openly tells us that she misses you lots. I get stumped for words because I miss you too and can only reply with a weak, me too.

I totally understand the immense love she has for you. After all you have done lots for her to the point of almost being like a father figure to her.

Where’s Grandpa? Will he please come home?

The other day while looking up at the sky yet again she said ‘heyy I can see naughty grandpa jumping from one cloud to the other’. She tends to look up at the sky alot these days and sees the beauty in its shapes. And because she’s hoping to have a glimpse of you up there too.

I’m not one to dismiss what she saw because children are innocent little creatures close to God. So for all I know, my loving bubbly daddy is probably jumping from cloud to cloud with his family and friends savoring eternal rest and play up in Heaven while getting up to mischief I’m sure.

Rest well Daddy. Miss you every mili-second of the day. Love you a thousand more lifetime and secretly hoping life moves a lil faster than it already is just because I have so much to tell you.

Without a doubt, I know you’re looking out for us from up there.

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